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Due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal, click here for the latest update.
Due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal, click here for the latest update.
Behind the scenes... Peter Sefton’s new Wood Machining DVDs

Behind the scenes... Peter Sefton’s new Wood Machining DVDs

Dave Brown from Artisan Media takes us behind the scenes at the production of Peter Sefton’s new Wood Machining series of DVDs and Downloads.

The summer holidays are our time slot for filming with Peter Sefton. The students from his furniture school are away and we have a 2-3 week to get the whole year’s filming completed.  The pressure is on.

I was particularly looking forward to last summer. As an amateur woodworker I have absorbed a lot from the 25 hand tools DVDs that Artisan Media have produced over the years with various woodworkers. But last year was special. Peter was to produce a series on setting up and using woodworking machines. Great for the public looking to learn about wood machining and also very handy for me.

Fortunately Peter is a natural presenter, very clear and logical. He has over 35 years’ experience as a designer / maker and also a long time teaching students. This makes the process of designing the video content much easier.

We don’t use a script, apart from the occasional introduction section when the autocue comes out. That’s a lot harder to use than you might imagine. Instead there is a structured plan which Peter usually finalises on the beach during his family holiday the week before. 

So, bronzed, recovered and relaxed, the filming commences. Peter’s spacious machine room is transformed into a studio crammed with lights, cameras and cables running everywhere. First up is the bandsaw which is split across 3 full DVDs: The first on Set Up and Maintenance, then two DVDs of Advanced Techniques. That takes a full week. Next a Set Up and Maintenance video each for planer and thicknesser, and a techniques video for each. To round off the whole job is a photography session creating  2 or 3 shots for each video.

The filming was fun and went very smoothly. But then of course the hard work really starts. Editing, sound mixing, graphics, authoring, colour… Locked in darkened rooms. It takes about a month of post production for each DVD.

Now the new series is finished and in the shops.  The extra bonus is that in that intervening time my own weekend wood working has improved massively.  Until filming this series with Peter I didn’t appreciate how many things you can do with these machines and the incredible levels of accuracy you can achieve.

The one downside is that my machine wish list is even longer!

Dave Brown
Artisan Media

Click here to view the Peter Sefton DVD series


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