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FastCap was founded in 1997 by Paul Akers, a 20-year veteran in the cabinet-making and woodworking industry. One day, while Paul was building some cabinets, he got an idea for a self-adhesive screw cap cover and the FastCap was born.

Over the past five years, FastCap has expanded its product range from the FastCap to a vast array of woodworking products and tools to accommodate the professional cabinet maker and woodworker needs.
  • FastCap Track Rack

    FastCap Track Rack


    Storage of the important guide rail for your track system can be a headache. The FastCap Track Rack is a great way to store track guide systems. T...

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  • FastCap 11th Finger Push Stick

    FastCap 11th Finger Push Stick


    The FastCap 11th Finger push stick was designed by a woodworking teacher to help his students keep their hands and fingers safe. Now thanks to Fas...

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  • 10 Million Dollar Stick 1

    FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick


    Cutting on your mitre saw or chop saw just got safer with the FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick. Designed to keep your hands away from the blade and...

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