Easy Wood Tools - Full Size Easy Detailer Yellow

by Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools - Full Size Easy Detailer Yellow offers great US-made quality and super-sharp Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters; with a 4" reach, its unique diamond cutter shape fits in tight places where other tools just won't fit giving you another level of woodturning creativity. 

The Full Size Easy Detailer includes a Genuine EWT Ci4 Diamond Carbide Cutter and features a 1/2" x 8.5" long square stainless steel tool bar, a 16" yellow maple handle with an Easy Grip shape, and best of all, it uses Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters.

It's great for spindle and bowl work; everything gets bigger with these tools as the size steps up for the cutter, tool bar and handle.  The cutters are designed so that you do not have to “find the bevel” when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the workpiece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left.  A Genuine EWT Ci4 Diamond Carbide Cutter, mounting screw and wrench is included with your Full Size Easy Detailer! 

The Full Size Easy Detailer was designed for doing small intricate work such as pens, ornaments and smaller bowls, as well as for roughing, finishing and detail work and is invaluable for cutting final details on your projects such as small coves and beads on both spindle and bowl work. They are also handy for cutting chuck tenons and making inside reverse-angle cuts for inside chucking bowls with dovetail jaws, as well as working well for hogging your green wood projects.

Full Size Easy Detailers are engineered to cut going straight inusing just the nose and engineered with a reduced relief angle to the long cutting edges making the long edges less aggressive when in contact with the wood.  The long edge acts as a "control surface" and makes contact with the wood just behind the cut; much like when a bevel is being rubbed.

Each Full Size Easy Detailer cutter is engineered to fit all sizes of Easy Wood Detailer tools in the range!

What Makes Easy Wood Tools Different?

Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters - for unmatched sharpness and edge life; get 20 hours of additional turning from each of the four-sides

No Need to Grind EWT Tips - Save money; no grinders, wheels or jigs to buy

More Productive Turning - Maintain your edge for life - no stopping to re-grind or remembering grinding angles

Stainless Steel Tool Bars - they never rust and are flat on the bottom, so flat on your tool rest

Cutter Name - engraved on the tool bar

Copper Ferrules - for strength and beauty

Widebody Tool Bars - unmatched stability and easy to keep flat

Laser Engraved Handles - for durability and beauty

High Gloss Handles - finished for generations to come using an 8-step spray process

Easy Grip Handles - trademarked handle shape for comfort and colour coded for easy selection

Hard Maple Handles - give density and strength to lessen vibrations and last a lifetime

  • Full Size Easy Detailer Code: #7500
  • EWT Carbide Tip Size: Ci4
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Tip Code: #7400
  • Selection: Ideal for large spindle and bowl work

  • Use genuine Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters for unmatched sharpness and edge life - simply rotate then replace your Genuine EWT Carbide Cutter as needed, so there's never any need for sharpening, leaving you to enjoy professional turning results every time!

    "If you own one of our existing Easy Roughers, you well know by now that we deliver even more than we advertise, as hard as is was for you to believe before your first purchase. I assure you the productivity of this tool will exceed your highest expectations. You just can not predict the possibilities or joy this tool will provide you. In testing the prototypes for this new design, I found myself creating forms that were never even on my list to try, because the dangers and complications of existing tools were just not worth the trouble." Craig Jackson, Founder Easy Wood Tools

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    •   Easy Wood Tools Ci4 Genuine Carbide Cutter #7400

      Lexan Chip Deflector 1/2"

      • Handle: 16" Maple
      • Tool Bar: 8.5" x 1/2"
      • Overall Length: 24.5"
      • Max Reach: 4"
    • Easy Wood Tools - Detailer Tool Instructions

      • One Full Size Easy Rougher 7500
      • One Ci4 Diamond Carbide Cutter
      • One Mounting Screw
      • One Wrench
      • Instruction Leaflet

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