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Garden Tools

Check out our new range of hand forged garden tools from Niwaki. Named after the Japanese for tree, the UK based company makes some of the finest Japanese secateurs, saws, scissors and and other gardening tools.

  • Niwaki Leather Double Holster



    When working in the garden cutting back overgrown shrubs or plants, having your tools to hand is a big time saver. The Niwaki Leather Double Holster is the perfect partner. Made from 3mm thick hand stitched leather with a heavy duty copper riveted belt...

  • Niwaki Utility Scissors



    The Niwaki Utility Scissors are great all rounders for the home, office, garden and greenhouse. One blade has a very finely serrated edge for grip and traction, easily cutting through rough fibrous material, flower stalks or packaging straps. These...

  • Niwaki GR210 Folding Saw



    The Niwaki GR210 Folding Saw is the perfect pruning saw for regular use in the garden, for thinning shrubs, pruning fruit trees and other meatier jobs that secateurs or loppers can't handle. With a chunky, sturdy rubber handle and 210mm blade that easily...

  • Niwaki Camellia Tool Oil 35ml



    The oil from the seeds of Camellia Oleifera (same family as Camellia and tea) is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting tools from rust. You can use it when cleaning and as a regular protective coating. It leaves a lovely deep, non-oily finish,...

  • Niwaki Mainichi Secateurs



    Niwaki Mainichi bypass Secateurs are excellent for everyday pruning, capable of both snipping at delicate living plants and saplings or cutting away dead stems to encourage growth. These Japanese SK85 carbon steel secateurs are very sharp and have a...

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