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There is nothing more satisfying for a woodworker than the sound and finish that a really good quality plane can produce. The range of bench planes we sell include Clifton - the pinnacle of British engineering with some of the finest O1 steel blades on the market; Canadian brand Veritas who excel at the specialist and low angle bevel-up planes with their PMV11 steel, and WoodRiver - probably the best value-for-money planes on the market today which offer exceptional performance at an affordable price for woodworkers and furniture makers. We stock a full range from block planes to smoothing planes and jack planes through to fore and jointer as well shoulder and routing planes.

Block Planes4

Historically the term Block Plane has a few different origins. It is said a Block Plane was first created as a plane that could be easily held in one hand while planing across the grain, particularly on end grain of boards, know in the past by carpenters as 'Blocking in'. Our range of Clifton and Veritas Block Planes are beautifully engineered tools with an option of O1 or PMV-11 blades.

Block Planes
Low Angle Planes6

Tracing its origins back to the Stanley No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane, Low Angle Planes are versatile plane to have in your toolbox. Excellent on end and long grain as well as tricky reversing grains. Low Angle Planes generally weigh less than conventional bench planes, with a thicker blade and no chip beaker, making them easier to set up. Check out our range of Low Angle Planes from Veritas and Clifton.

Low Angle Planes
Plane Blades19

With the evolution and improvements to planes over the years plane blade technology has also come a long way too. From High Carbon Steels to Powdered metal, where molten metals are atomised into small particles, which cool and harden into a powder this is then heated under pressure to create the alloy. Treat yourself to a Clifton or Veritas Plane iron.

Plane Blades
Shooting Board Planes4

Many woodworkers are comfortable using their bench plane with their shooting board. But if you find yourself shooting a lot of your projects a dedicated Shooting Board Plane could be the way to go. The Veritas Shooting Board Plane is specifically designed for this job with either a right hand or left hand version available.

Shooting Board Planes
Fore and Jointer Planes6

The Jointer and Fore plane is a type of hand plane used in woodworking to straighten the edges of boards in the process known as jointing, and to flatten the faces of larger boards. Its long length is designed to 'ride over' the undulations of an uneven surface, skimming off the peaks, gradually creating a flatter surface. Check out our range of Jointer and Fore Planes from Veritas and Clifton.

Fore and Jointer Planes
Jack Planes5

A Jack Plane is a general-purpose bench plane, capable of performing many planing jobs, hence its status as the “jack of all trades” plane. The versatility of the jack plane has led to it being the most common bench plane. Check out our range of Jack Planes from Veritas and Clifton.

Jack Planes

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