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INCRA Guaranteed 45 Degree 5"


This innovative one-piece design uses the most advanced manufacturing methods available to carve a solid 1/4"-thick slab of hardened aluminium into a one-piece, gold-anodised spine that serves as both the central part of the handle and the blade for exceptional accuracy and consistency.

INCRA's new line of Precision Squares and 45°s are the most accurate you will find anywhere. Each INCRA square is guaranteed +/-0.001" from nominal along either side of the blade!

The spine also projects beyond the handle's cheek plates on the inside of the square, producing a support lip that makes it easier for the user to keep the handle flat on the edge of a board. There's even a recess machined into the spine's inside corner to keep the fuzzy corner of a board from affecting your measurement.

Solid AND Beautiful.

The hefty construction of the Angles just feels right in the palm of your hand. INCRA's trademark gold and red hardened anodised surface is not only durable, but beautiful, and it won't tarnish like brass or rust like steel. Combine this with the modern, functional styling and you've got a tool that is worthy of the most prominent location in your display cabinet (when you're not using it, of course).

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Customer Reviews

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45' all day long.

It's Incra. It's 45'. Not 44.9 or 45.1......It's 45. Can't get better than that. Worth every penny.


Precision is un paralleled, excellent for marking boxes and setting table saw blade