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Veritas Bevel Up Smoothing Plane with PMV-11 Blade

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Veritas Bevel Up Smoothing Plane with PMV-11 Blade is used for the final finish, especially woods with difficult grain, and combines the width and weight of a smoother with the versatility of a low angle bevel-up plane.

The 12 degree bed angle, coupled with the 38 degree blade bevel, yields an effective cutting angle of 50 degree; this is known as a York pitch.

York Pitch is an ideal starting angle for minimising tear-out when working difficult wood. It is easy to create a higher micro-bevel angle for very difficult grains.

It weighs in at just under 2.25g, with an exceptionally low centre of gravity. It is an excellent choice for the most demanding reversing grains, where even higher bevel angles (for creating Type II shavings) are required to eliminate tear-out.

The coffin-shaped body has a sole length of 255mm and a width of 77mm. It includes a lapped 38 degree blade, 57mm wide, 4.75mm thick.

The lapped blades have a flatness tolerance of ±0.005mm or better over the working surface, and with an average roughness surface finish of 0.000127mm(5 micro inches) or better. Supplied with a 57mm wide lapped blade with a 38° bevel in O1, or the highly acclaimed PM-V11 alloy steel. Other blades are available with 25° and 50° bevel angles also in O1, and PM-V11 alloy steel.

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