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WoodRiver Silicone Bench Mat 12" x 12"

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WoodRiver silicone bench mats are the perfect accessory for your bench top

Silicone resists most types of glue and finishes that woodworkers use, so it makes excellent glue-up and finishing mats for small projects, as well as sharpening mats for oilstones or waterstones. The mat keeps water and oil off your bench while providing a nonslip surface to prevent your stone from sliding. Plus the 2mm-thick soft, flexible mat also provides protection from dropped tools that might damage the bench surface. These mats are the perfect sizes for small projects. Two or more mats can be combined to protect a larger surface.

  • Perfect size for small projects and modelling
  • 12" x 12" size
  • Tough, flexible, soft and nonstick
  • Resists most glues, including yellow and white glue, epoxies and most CA glues

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