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Joseph Marples

The business has remained within the family to this date, and has been based in Sheffield since those early days. Although modern technology has been used in some instances, many of the traditions of manufacturing fine hand tools has remained the same using selected materials and hand finishing, indeed the same threads are used in the gauges as were used over 100 years ago.


It is evident that many Sheffield-made tools are stamped with brand names of commercial companies from elsewhere. This practice tends to obscure the fact that Sheffield in general - and Joseph Marples in particular - still plays a major part in the manufacture of high quality joiners tools.

  • Joseph Marples Sliding Bevel

    Joseph Marples


    A fine sealed rosewood sliding bevel with a 7 1/2" (190mm) blade. This sliding bevel combines wood and brass to create a lovely craftsman's tool. The bevel is secured by a brass knurled locking...

  • Joseph Marples Mortice Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    A fine Joseph Marples mortice gauge made exclusively for us with 4mm spacing between the pins (usually 6mm) This mortice and marking gauge is made from the finest solid wood, and comes complete with...

  • Joseph Marples Marking Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    These marking gauges are being made exclusively for us by Joseph Marples of Sheffield. They are being made with a Shortened stem only 8mm above the marking pin, this enables them to be used inside...

  • Joseph Marples Cutting Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    The Marples family started making marking tools in the 1840's; This cutting gauge is based on a design from the 1920's. The cutting gauge is one of the furniture maker's most fundamental tools for...

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