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Drill Accessories

Whether you need a drill guide for precision straight holes or the exact centre hole placement for a hinge our range of drill accessories from AUKTools and Milescraft are some simple yet very effective drill accessories.

  • Milescraft DrillBlock+



    The Milescraft DrillBlock+ drill guide allows you to drill straight holes all of the time, on many different drilling surfaces. On the drill guide bushing block, there are 9 hardened steel bushings for common drill bits sizes. The bushing block is held...

  • Milescraft DrillMate with Chuck



    You can't take a drill press with you everywhere you go, but you can take a Milescraft® DrillMate™ and use with your standard power drill. This portable drill guide makes it quick and easy to drill precise holes at multiple angles. The...

  • AUKTools 3 Piece Drill Stop Collar Set

    AUK Tools


    This AUKTools Drill Stop Collar Set allows you to accurately gauge the depth when drilling a hole. Can be used with lip and spur, or twist drill bits. The set consists of 6, 8 and 10mm collars. Features Steel stop collars to gauge depth when...

  • Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide



    Introducing the Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide the tool keeps your drill bit perfectly perpendicular while you drill, but it goes further with a versatile base and fence system that makes it simple to keep your hole locations right on target. Please...

  • FastCap FASTenon 6mm x 38mm - 100 Pack



    The FastCap FASTenon is an innovative product and alternative to the solid beech wood domino. The FASTenon allows you to pull your joints together without the need for clamps. The barbs on the sides of the FASTenon bite into your material, holding your...

  • Milescraft EuroHinge Jig



    The Milescraft EuroHingeJig™ takes the guesswork out of installing kitchen cabinet concealed hinges. The self-aligning jig works with frameless and face frame cabinets and has settings for all the most popular hinge styles and cup locations. It...

  • Milescraft HingeBit Set - 3 Piece



    Pre-drill perfectly centred holes for proper alignment with the Milescraft HingeBit Set. Self-centring hinge bits, that are ideal drill accessories for hinge or hardware installation. Features Screw compatibility: #3, #4, #5, #6, #8 & #10 1/4″ hex...

  • Milescraft ShelfJig



    The Milescraft ShelfJig™ makes installing cabinet shelving easier than ever. The clear body provides better visibility when drilling to ensure your project is done right the first time. Features Strong, clear polycarbonate construction increases...

  • Milescraft Hardware Jig



    The Milescraft® HardwareJig™ is a simple and accurate way to repeatedly position, drill, and mount cabinet drawer and door hardware. The adjustable design allows you to quickly reconfigure the jig to install knobs, handles, and pulls...

  • Milescraft CabinetMate (Metric)



    Create sturdy, true cabinet shelving with the Milescraft CabinetMate™. This lightweight, easy-to-use jig allows you to drill up to eleven holes evenly spaced 32mm a part in one setting. Whether creating cabinets from scratch or updating existing...

  • Milescraft DrawerJig - 2 Piece



    Reduce project time and improve accuracy when installing slides and mounting drawers. This pair of jigs helps you mount interior slides accurately, then flips around to provide support for the drawer installation. Features Alignment fences and tabs...

  • Milescraft DrillMate (For 43mm Collar Drills)



    You can’t take a drill press with you everywhere you go, but you can take a Milescraft® DrillMate™. This portable drill guide makes it quick and easy to drill precise holes at multiple angles. The DrillMate™ saves time and...

  • Milescraft DrillPump750



    Turn your power drill into a water pump. This water transfer pump is ideal for draining appliances, aquariums, paddling pools, and small ponds or even a flooded basement. The DrillPump750 is designed to work with nearly any corded or cordless power drill...

  • Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide Flip Stop Kit



    The Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide Flip Stop Kit extends the Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide and provides two additional stops for repeatable drilling results. The stainless steel extension rods come with a with matching tool for simple changing on...

  • Milescraft HookDriver



    With the Milescraft HookDriver™, drilling hooks has never been so easy. This two-in-one tool, hand and drill ready, make the installation and driving of hooks a cinch. Features Two-in-one tool can be used with a power drill or by hand with...

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