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Workshop Essentials

Workshop Essentials

Workshop Essentials

Workshops can only be productive with well stocked workshop accessories. Wood Workers Workshop brings you a large selection of adhesives, abrasives, and tool care products from brands such as AUKTools, FastCap, Tajima, Tesa, Titebond and Shield Technology. If you need it, we stock it.


We stock a range of woodworking adhesives from America’s leading manufacturer Titebond including Original Wood Glue Ultimate Wood Glue, Extend Wood Glue and Polyurethane Liquid Glue.

Glue Application18

Choosing the right adhesive for your job is important but the application is just as essential. Our range of glue applicators from brands such as FastCap, Tajima, AUKTools and Sili covers everything you need from applying a small bead to a larger glue up job.

Glue Application

We stock a range of different AUKTools plastic products including Slick Strips used to reduce friction on surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, tile, stone or other surfaces and Perspex Strips designed to be used with home-made shooting boards.

Protective Equipment1

FastCap's Personal Protective Equipment will help keep your working environment as safe and risk-free as possible.

Protective Equipment

Sanding up your workpiece ready for finishing can be a labour intensive process and having the right tools when sanding can make life a lot easier. Our range from AUKTools and FastCap are great for sanding lots of different profiles such as curved edges or tight corners.


Our high-grade Tesa veneer tapes ensure tight joints for a whole variety of veneering requirements, we have tapes ideal for hot or cold pressing. The solid and perforated thin cellulose craft paper tapes are the perfect partner for hand and traditional veneering.  We also stock FastCap's Zero Clearance Tape for getting that precise cut on your mitre saw.

  • Woodpeckers BladeSaver 10"



    Woodpeckers’ BladeSaver saw blade guard and hanger system protects your blades and offers features not found on other blade storage options. You never need to touch the blade’s sharp teeth. To attach the Blade Guard, simply lay the blade...

  • Niwaki Camellia Tool Oil 35ml



    The oil from the seeds of Camellia Oleifera (same family as Camellia and tea) is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting tools from rust. You can use it when cleaning and as a regular protective coating. It leaves a lovely deep, non-oily finish,...

  • Sili Roller and Glue Tray



    The Sili Roller and Glue Tray are made to work perfectly together. Both the Sili Roller and Sili Tray are made from silicone rubber so that standard wood glue does not stick to it when dry and allows for easy cleanup. The glue can be easily cleaned off...

  • Woodpeckers BladeSaver 12"



    Woodpeckers' BladeSaver saw blade guard and hanger system protects your blades and offers features not found on other blade storage options. You never need to touch the blade's sharp teeth. To attach the blade guard, simply lay the blade flat, wrap it...

  • Titebond Extend Wood Glue 16oz (473ml)



    Formulated from the Titebond Original Wood Glue this professional interior aliphatic resin emulsion will give you the same reliability of bond and more. Providing you with more 'open time' for complicated assemblies and the extended application times...

  • Tesa Yellow Cold Press Veneer Tape 19mm



    Tesa Yellow cold press veneer tape is perfect for holding veneer pieces together before or whilst cold pressing. This specialist tape is made from translucent Japanese rice paper balanced with an acrylic adhesive, it doesn't leave gum marks in the veneer...

  • FastCap Clip for GluBot - 4 Pack



    The GluBot Clip makes managing your family of GluBots easy. Whether you have Glubots with multiple different adhesives or you find GluBots all over the workshop and it's never to hand when you need it the GluBot clip is the product for you. One clip fits...

  • FastCap Clip Base for GluBot 16oz



    The GluBot Base makes storing, retrieving and finding your GluBot fast and easy. It can screw to a workbench with the supplied PowerHead Screws, magnetise to a metal surface with the supplied PowerMag magnets or use the supplied VHB to peel and stick it...

  • Tajima Convoy Super 2 Way Gun



    The Tajima Convoy Super 2 Way Gun is compatible with both 600ml sausages and 300ml cartridges making it two guns in one. The unique designed plunger enables every ounce of material to be released from the tube and is also easily removable without any...

  • Tajima Convoy Super 12 Caulk Gun



    The Tajima Convoy Super 12 Caulk Gun helps you apply adhesives, sealants and decorators' caulk with ease. Featuring a twin thrust dispensing system and auto-flow stop giving you the advantage of a 12:1 ratio. This means you'll get smooth application with...

  • Sili Glue Pod and 3 Micro Brushes



    Whether you're using wood glue, school glue or mixing epoxy, if you don't have a place to put the glue while working, it can become messy. With several smart design features, the Sili Glue Pod will be able to keep your glue where it belongs. The Sili...

  • Sili Glue Kit



    The Sili Non-Stick Silicone Glue Application Kit includes 2 different size Silicone brushes, the Silicone Glue Tray and the Silicone Glue Comb. Made from silicone rubber these Non-Stick Silicone Glue Application Kit and are perfect for glue projects...

  • Shield Technology HoneRite Gold (250ml)

    Shield Technology


    Shield Technology HoneRite Gold is a universal grinding; honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive. Supplied as a concentrate and added to water, protecting the machine and anything in the vicinity that may get splashed. It is highly...

  • Shield Technology MetalGuard Ultra (250ml)

    Shield Technology


    Shield Technology MetalGuard Ultra is a high specification thin film coating which leaves a 2 micron clear film which will not yellow with age. It contains both ferrous metal and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors. Supplied as a liquid in a 250ml can, it...

  • Tesa Blue Veneer Tape 19mm



    Tesa Blue tape in 19mm x 66metres, used to hold veneer pieces together before entering the press. Doesn't leave water or gum marks in the veneer and is easily removed Tesa veneer tape 19mm wide is very strong, used to pull and joint veneer pieces...

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