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Saw Accessories

Our saw accessories are all you need for caring for your saw, getting the correct angle to re-sharpen the teeth of your saw is a skill in itself, take the guesswork out of this with the Saw File Holder from Veritas.

  • Milescraft SawGuide



    The new and improved Milescraft SawGuide™ turns hand-held circular and jig saws into precision cutting tools. This tool allows you to make long, difficult edge cuts without the use of a table saw. The jig allows for consistent repeatability. Speed...

  • Micro Jig BLADECLEAN Blade and Bit Cleaning System

    Micro Jig


    Micro Jig's BLADECLEAN Blade and Bit Cleaning System is one of the quickest, safest, and most enjoyable ways to clean your saw blades and router bits. This all-in-one kit is compatible with Circular Saw blades from 178mm (7") up to 300mm (12") in...

  • Milescraft AngleFinder



    Eliminate the guesswork when transferring or cutting complicated skirting board or cornice angles with the Milescraft AngleFinder™. This tool conveniently and quickly sets up on your mitre saw and transfers the angle to your blade. Features Works...

  • Veritas Saw File Holder



    This well designed guide helps you accurately control the angle of the file as you sharpen. It has a rotating collar for setting a positive or negative rake angle up to 30 degree. The 75mm wide protractor helps set the fleam (or bevel) angle up to 45°...

  • Milescraft Crown45



    The Milescraft Crown45™ mitre saw jig simplifies the way crown/cornice moulding projects are completed. Using the innovative ‘right-side-up’ cutting orientation eliminates ‘upside down and backwards’ thinking when cutting...

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