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JessEm take great pride in introducing innovative product solutions for woodworkers around the world. Their philosophy is "deeply routed" in offering the highest level of quality at affordable prices. JessEm are honored to serve some of the most skillful and creative people and companies in the woodworking industry. Their mission is to continuously inspire the evolution of woodworking and challenge everyone to "raise the bar" to the next level.
When the Router Lift was invented in 1999, little did JessEm know that it would create a whole new category in woodworking or that it would be credited as one of the top innovations in our industry in the past 25 years.

  • JessEm Micro Adjuster for Mast-R-Fence III and TA Fence (Imperial)



    Finally, after many inquiries from customers, JessEm is proud to introduce the brand new Micro Adjuster for the Mast-R-Fence III and TA Fence. Made 100% in their Canadian manufacturing facility, the...

  • JessEm Mast-R-II Router Table Package



    This great value router table package system is based around the superbly engineered JessEm Mast-R-Lift II. In addition the phenolic table top is extremely durable and accurate and the fence looks as...

  • JessEm Mast-R-Lift Excel II Standard Router Table Package



    The JessEm Mast-R-Lift Excel II Standard Router Table Package is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to Router Tables; a solid phenolic table top, with a built in metric lift and sidewinder...

  • JessEm Ultimate Excel II Router Table Package



    JessEm's Ultimate Excel II Router Table Package is 100% made in JessEm's Canadian Facility. JessEm has focused their efforts on offering the highest quality router table on the market and this...

  • JessEm Bit Guard



    JessEm Bit Guard For Router Tables is a transparent protective guard for your router table - it's tough, acrylic and clear view, and suitable for all router fences with a 3/8" T-Track and locks into...

  • JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides for Table Saws



    These dual-action Clear Cut stock guides are a simple solution to improving the consistency and safety of your table saw work, replacing up to 4 conventional feather boards and featuring a...

  • JessEm Mounting Kit Adapts Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides to INCRA Fence



    JessEm's Mounting Kit is used to adapt the JessEm Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides to INCRA table saw fence systems. The four machined aluminium blocks raise the stock guides’ mounting track 1/2” to clear...

  • JessEm Mounting Track for Table Saw Clear Cut Stock Guides



    JessEm Table Saw Clear Cut Stock Guide Mounting Track is now available, if have multiple fences that you want to use your Table Saw Stock Guides with. The mounting track is 762mm (30in) long and 50...

  • JessEm Replacement O-Rings for Clear Cut Stock Guides - 4 Pack



    4 Pack of Polyurethane O-Rings for your JessEm Router Table Clear Cut Stock Guides or JessEm Table Saw Clear Cut Stock Guides.     Simply cut off the old ones and slip the new ones...

  • JessEm Mounting Brackets for Routing Table Clear-Cut Stock Guides



    Many customers would love to have the advantages that Clear-Cut Stock Guides have to offer but they have a shop made router table fence and no 1/4" T-Slots to mount the stock guides to. Problem...

  • JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides



    A pair of these dual-action stock guides improves the consistency and safety of your router table work, replacing up to 4 conventional feather boards and featuring a super fast set-up...

  • JessEm Mast-R-Top Phenolic Router Table Top (Metric)



    JessEm Phenolic Mast-R-Top (approx - 810mm x 610mm) is extremely durable and accurate; the ultimate in router table tops for the discerning customer looking for excellent durability and precision...

  • JessEm Double Locking ALTS Castor Set



    JessEm's castor set for the ALTS Stand can alternate from leg levellers to castors with a simple step. Effortlessly move your router table where you need it.  Designed from 6000 series Aluminum...

  • JessEm Alts Router Table Stand (Aluminium)



    JessEm Alts Router Table Stand is even stronger and more durable than the old model. It's manufactured out of extruded aluminium and height adjustable from 34" to 36" using the 'Leg Levellers'.  The...

  • JessEm Mast-R-Fence III



    JessEm is proud to introduce the brand new Mast-R-Fence III. Made 100% in their Canadian manufacturing facility, they have just set the bar even higher for what a standard router table fence should...

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