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Push Sticks

The simple yet effective Push Stick has been the 'go to' tool for users when operating machines, especially on table saws, router tables, mitre saws and band saws. Our range of FastCap Push Sticks keeps your hands away from machine cutting zone while keeping effective pressure on the workpiece.

  • FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick



    Cutting on your mitre saw or chop saw just got safer with the FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick. Designed to keep your hands away from the blade and out of harm’s way, this injection moulded unique shape helps you safely hold your small piece while...

  • Bow Products PushPRO Push Stick

    Bow Products


    PushPRO Push Sticks use the same high-density EVA foam seen in their Featherboards. Bringing improvements and material innovations to a tool category that’s not seen innovation for years. Featuring reversible and replicable high-density foam tips,...

  • FastCap 11th Finger Push Stick



    The FastCap 11th Finger push stick was designed by a woodworking teacher to help his students keep their hands and fingers safe. Now thanks to FasCap you can keep your fingers safely away from the saw blade with the 11th Finger, two powerful neodymium...

  • Bow Products PushPRO Replacement Tips

    Bow Products


    A pack of 2 high-density EVA foam tips for the Bow PushPRO. Each tip is reversible giving twice the value. Strong and rigid yet will not damage your saw blade or cutters, the EVA tip conforms to the wood shape and dampens vibration for greater feed...

  • Milescraft PushStick



    Keep your hands away from danger with the Milescraft PushStick™. The extra tall handle is tilted away from the saw blade, ideal for cutting narrow stock. The low profile rear foot hooks over the end of the material providing positive forward...

  • Bow Products Mini PushPRO Push Stick

    Bow Products


    The Mini PushPRO uses the same high-density EVA foam on its tip that BOW use in their FeatherPRO Featherboards and GuidePRO. In this case the EVA offers several advantages over traditional hard materials. The EVA foam is firm but can fit slightly to the...

  • Milescraft Safety Kit



    The Milescraft Safety Kit combines three of the most popular Milescraft products in one handy kit. This bright yellow kit keeps safety at the forefront of your mind when working in the shop Milescraft Featherboard (single) The Milescraft FeatherBoard has...

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