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FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick

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Cutting on your mitre saw or chop saw just got safer with the FastCap 10 Million Dollar Stick. Designed to keep your hands away from the blade and out of harm’s way, this injection moulded unique shape helps you safely hold your small piece while cutting.

The wishbone shape has rubber feet on all three ends. This allows you to set your piece, and then place the 10 Million Dollar Stick with one foot on the piece, one foot on the saw plate and the other out to the side for firm pressure. Hold the piece firmly against the fence and make the cut. For wider parts, use in the opposite position. The single-end will be nearer the blade and the wishbone side out to provide steady pressure as you make the cut.


  • Keeps hands away from blade while cutting small parts
  • Ergonomic Injection moulded design
  • Wishbone shape with gripping, rubber feet

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