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Feather Boards

Feather boards have been around for many years and are an important safety device when working with router tables, table saws or bandsaws allowing the user to apply pressure against a workpiece, keeping it flat against a machine table or fence.  We think our range from JessEm and Woodpeckers are some of the best feather boards you can buy.

  • Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Feather Board (Pair)



    Update September 2021  Good News! Lots of Woodpeckers products are beginning to come back into stock and can be purchased.  Out of Stock products can’t be pre-ordered yet, so the best way to find out when your favourite Woodpeckers...

  • JessEm Paralign Feather Board - Single



    JessEm Paralign Feather Boards have a revolutionary parallel design; with minimal safe set-up, kick-back is eliminated. They have been designed with the user in mind; often setting up feather boards can be a time consuming and fiddly job - no more! Using...

  • JessEm Paralign Feather Board - Double



    Paralign Feather Boards for use with router tables, shapers, band saws and table saws. This feather board features an innovative design that allows you to adjust parallel to your work while remaining clamped to your table or fence. No more trial and...

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