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Feather Boards

Feather boards have been around for many years and are an important safety device when working with router tables, table saws or bandsaws allowing the user to apply pressure against a workpiece, keeping it flat against a machine table or fence.  We think our range from JessEm and Woodpeckers are some of the best feather boards you can buy.

  • JessEm Paralign Feather Board - Double



    Paralign Feather Boards for use with router tables, shapers, band saws and table saws. This feather board features an innovative design that allows you to adjust parallel to your work while remaining clamped to your table or fence. No more trial and...

  • Bow Products Portable Saw Featherboard

    Bow Products


    Featuring all the same benefits of the revolutionary EVA feathers, the Bow Products Portable Saw Featherboard extends the safety and performance benefits of the FeatherPRO to DIY and Contractor saws. The featherboards smaller profile easily fits portable...

  • Bow Products FeatherPRO Featherboard

    Bow Products


    The FeatherPRO Featherboard features EVA feathers which have revolutionized Featherboard performance and safety. EVA is a high-density closed-cell material that is exceptionally durable, highly flexible, non-marring and won’t damage your cutting...

  • JessEm Paralign Feather Board - Single



    JessEm Paralign Feather Boards have a revolutionary parallel design; with minimal safe set-up, kick-back is eliminated. They have been designed with the user in mind; often setting up feather boards can be a time consuming and fiddly job - no more! Using...

  • Bow Products FencePRO Featherboard - 2 Pieces

    Bow Products


    The FencePRO Featherboard is designed for use to hold down material on lots of different types of fences. The FencePRO features the same EVA feather technology as the FeatherPRO and FeatherDUO, which has revolutionized featherboard performance and safety...

  • Bow Products FeatherDUO Featherboard

    Bow Products


    The FeatherDUO Feather board offers all the breakthrough benefits of EVA Feathers in a stackable platform. Ideal for feeding taller material on Table Saws, Band Saws and Router Tables. The FeatherDUO includes two separate FeatherPRO feather boards along...

  • Bow Products GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide

    Bow Products


    The GuidePRO is a unique tall pressure board that offers addition blade guarding and cutting accuracy. It’s the ideal feed tool to improve the quality of cut whilst improving your safety. Easy to set up in various band saws mitre slots between 50mm...

  • Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Feather Board (Pair)



    The Woodpeckers Variable Pressure Feather Board is the first feather board whose pressure can be adjusted without moving - feather boards reduce the possibility of dangerous kick-back by keeping your workpiece against the guide fence and down on the...

  • Bow Products Replacement Feathers for FP4 & FP5 (4 Pack)

    Bow Products


    These interchangeable feathers are constructed of high-density EVA foam and improve feed control, protect the wood, and protect you and your tools in case of accidental contact between the feather and the blade. Give excellent feed control on both the...

  • Milescraft Safety Kit



    The Milescraft Safety Kit combines three of the most popular Milescraft products in one handy kit. This bright yellow kit keeps safety at the forefront of your mind when working in the shop Milescraft Featherboard (single) The Milescraft FeatherBoard has...

  • Bow Products FeatherPro Standard Feathers (2 Pack)

    Bow Products


    Standard Feathers are more rigid than UltraFLEX Feathers. This is achieved by a thicker neck on the feather hinge, leading to higher feed pressure. The material is the same, only a different darker colour to visually distinguish it from the UltraFLEX...

  • Bow Products GuidePRO Extension

    Bow Products


    The standard GuidePRO has capacity of up to 150mm in height. For taller workpieces the GuidePRO Extension adds an extra 100mm giving 250mm of constant even pressure when re-sawing or cutting thin veneers on a bandsaw. The extension includes a 100mm tall...

  • Milescraft Featherboard (single)



    Reduce kickback by applying proper and consistent tension between a workpiece and the fence of a benchtop power tool with the FeatherBoard™ from Milescraft. These feather boards are versatile enough to be used in almost any table saw or router...

  • Bow Products GuidePRO Anchor Bar

    Bow Products


    The GuidePRO Anchor Bar expands the scope and potential of the GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide. It allows you to attach the GuidePRO to a router or table saw. It also allows you to lock down the GuidePRO on a bandsaw for rapid feeds of similar material. The...

  • Milescraft D/T FeatherBoard



    Reduce kickback by applying proper and consistent tension between a workpiece and the fence of a benchtop power tool with the tandem D/T FeatherBoard™ from Milescraft. These dual-height feather boards are versatile enough to be used in almost any...

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