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Router Positioners and Fences

Router Positioners and Fences

Router Positioners and Fences

INCRA and JessEm have led the way with cutting-edge design and quality in router positioners and fences.  We have the best selection in the UK of these North American brands alongside our very own AUKTools.

  • AUKTools Router Table Top and Fence Package

    AUK Tools

    £219.95 You save £30.00

    Our AUKTools Router Table and Fence Package features a HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) table top, made for us in the UK to our exacting standards. The low friction, hard-wearing phenolic laminated surface and balancer are bonded to a green moisture...

  • INCRA LS25 Positioner Super System with WonderFence 635mm (Metric)



    This Precision Fence Positioner system is the ultimate and includes the leading split fence design, the WonderFence, for serious joinery and woodworking fans. The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press, or...

  • JessEm Fence Stop



    The JessEm Fence Stop is designed to slide along the top fence track of the Mast-R-Fence II, Mast-R-Fence III and TA Fence with ease and securely lock in any position you choose, for repeated stopped work. This fence stop is well machined and robust...

  • AUKTools Compact Router Fence

    AUK Tools


    Our AUKTools Compact Router Fence has many of the same features as other larger fences but is designed for more compact workshops or site work, where its small size comes into its own. The single-piece aluminium section is strong and robust and has...

  • JessEm Micro Adjuster



    Finally, after many inquiries from customers, JessEm is proud to introduce the brand new Micro Adjuster for the Mast-R-Fence III and TA Fence. Made 100% in their Canadian manufacturing facility, the Micro Adjuster will take your routing to a whole new...

  • JessEm TA Fence



    JessEm TA Fence is the newest addition to the Router Fence line-up. A uniquely engineered router fence held to the toughest of tolerances ensuring long lasting precision and use.  Time and again, the same old router fence “L” shape aluminium extrusion is...

  • JessEm Mast-R-Fence III



    JessEm is proud to introduce the brand new Mast-R-Fence III. Made 100% in their Canadian manufacturing facility, they have just set the bar even higher for what a standard router table fence should be. The New Mast-R-Fence III is extremely functional...

  • INCRA Original Jig (Metric)



    INCRA's Original Jig indexes on 1.0mm increments with the same + and -0.03mm positioning accuracy and repeatability of our top-of-the-line LS Positioners. The only two moving parts are the locking knob and the single-piece upper carriage. It's as simple...

  • INCRA LS25 Positioner Standard System 635mm (Metric)



    This Precision Fence Positioner system can take you from basics like flawless rabbets, friction-fit dadoes, and repetitive slotting jobs to literally billions of variations of box joints and dovetail joints ranging from traditional to absolutely...

  • INCRA LS17 Positioner Super System with Wonder Fence 430mm (Metric)



    This Precision Fence Positioner system is the ultimate and includes the leading split fence design, the Wonder Fence, for serious joinery and woodworking fans. The world's most versatile and accurate movable fence for your router table, drill press,...

  • INCRA Pro-II Joinery Fence Only (Metric)



    INCRA Pro-II Joinery Fence allows INCRA Jig Ultra positioners to be fitted with the new, super-adjustable Wonder Fence and is an updated beefed up version of the earlier Pro-28 Fence.  The extrusion is wider than the original - the face has been machined...

  • AUKTools Professional Router Fence

    AUK Tools


    The AUKTools Professional Router Fence is one of the most advanced in its price range. It features a dual-track fastening system with adjustable scales that can be set for zero reference allowing for fast, repeatable setup. A scale is also provided along...

  • INCRA LS32 Positioner Only 810mm (Metric)



    INCRA's LS32 Positioner is designed specifically for table saw use in conjunction with an INCRA TS Rail System, and is the largest fence positioner of the LS family.  It's a direct replacement for the Ultra positioners used with the INCRA...

  • INCRA LS17 Positioner Only 430mm (Metric)



    This Fence Positioner is the perfect upgrade for INCRA Router Systems using the earlier Ultra Positioners. It's the ideal foundation for any custom system that would benefit from its 0.025mm accuracy and repeatability. In addition to router table...

  • INCRA Wonder Fence Upgrade (Metric)



    INCRA Wonder Fence Upgrade allows an existing LS INCRA Router System to perform EVERY fence-guided operation that can be done on a router table. Wonder Fence integrates routing functions into the INCRA TS Saw Systems by providing all of the adjustments...

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