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Dust Extraction

Quality dust extraction is vital to a clean and safe workshop ensuring good air quality, when working with wood which can create lots of chippings. Controlling the dust levels in your workshop requires well designed and manufactured dust collection fittings, quality hoses and strong hose clamps. AUKTools’ Downdraft insert rings and INCRA's Cleansweep box keep routing airborne dust down to a minimum. 

  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Universal Adaptor - 4" to 1"

    AUK Tools


    A universal adaptor with 5 different sized steps. Simply cut the section you require with a fine toothed saw. Made from ABS. Diameters are 25mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm and 100mm (Outside Dimension). 

  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Blast Gate - 2-1/2" OD

    AUK Tools


    Blast gates improve the effectiveness of your dust extraction setup by allowing the user control of the airflow between a single extractor and multiple machines, ensuring efficiency of the suction. This self-clearing blast gate connects in line with...

  • WoodRiver Rigid Flex Dust Collection Hose - 2-1/2" x 36"



    Bend it, turn it, twist or pull it; this hose is the perfect solution for collecting airborne dust at the source. This hose can be compressed to 12" or extended to 36" all the while holding its shape, no matter how you move it. Its versatility allows you...

  • Flexaust Dust Extraction Hose - 2.5" Diameter Clear



    There'll be no more guessing or needlessly pulling your system apart when you install this see-through hose.  Ever wonder where that blockage is in your dust collection system? There'll be no more guessing or needlessly pulling your system apart when...

  • INCRA CleanSweep Router Table Adapter



    INCRA CleanSweep router table adapter improves your router table’s dust collection. This computer-machined MDF adapter attaches the INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet to router tables with corner-mounted plate levellers and 9.25” x 11.75” plate...

  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Universal Tool Adaptor

    AUK Tools


    The Universal Tool Adaptor adapts your vacuum hose for use on varying sized extraction ports on stationary or portable power tools. The range of AUKTools dust collection fittings will help you build a high performance dust extraction system for your...

  • AUKTools Y Fitting Dust Hose Connector - 2-1/2"

    AUK Tools


    This Y Fitting Dust Hose Connector is strong with a smooth internal surface. The outside diameters of the fitting allow for a snug fit into the 2.5" flexible hose and secured using fixing clips. Key Features Strong ABS plastic Smooth...

  • INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet



    INCRA CleanSweep dust collection cabinet attaches to the underside of laminated MDF or phenolic router tables to grab sawdust where it's produced on your router table The vacuum generated inside the cabinet by your 4" dust collection hose pulls...

  • AUKTools 90 Degree Dust Extraction Elbow - 2.5"

    AUK Tools


    90 degree dust extraction elbow for dust collection systems.  2.5" outer dimension.

  • AUKTools Power Tool Dust Extraction Hose and Adaptors

    AUK Tools


    With soft rubber fittings on both ends is the ideal product for connecting up your portable power tools to your shop vacuum. Connects to the ports of almost all power tools such as routers, circular saws, sanders, planers, jigsaws, sanders and more...

  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Blast Gate - 4" OD

    AUK Tools


    The AUKTools Dust Extraction Blast Gate - 4" OD fitting let you “turn-off” the suction from your dust collector to use other machines connected to other branches of your system. This blast gate has the same tapered 4" OD port on either side of the gate...

  • WoodRiver Wire Hose Clamp - 4"



    Wire hose clamps work best with dust collection hose especially the hose that has a wire reinforcement inside of an external helix. Each loop of the wire hose clamp can straddle the helix allowing this hose clamp to tighten more easily. The tension...

  • Oneida Universal Dust Collection Router Hood



    If there's any tool in need of effective dust collection, it's your router. Chips are flying, dust is piling up, and you can barely see through cloud. Finally, there's a solution that works for nearly any portable router! The Oneida Dust Collection...

  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Control Dual Port Kit

    AUK Tools


    The Dust Extraction Control Dual Port Kit is a simple solution for tools with multiple dust ports like router tables and table saws. Uniquely designed “Y” fitting facilitates proportional flow and eliminates the need for adaptors. Hoses not included. The...

  • Oneida Deluxe Dust Deputy with 10-Gallon Drum



    The Oneida Dust Deputy with 10-Gallon Drum will transform your shop vacuum and the way you work! Trap dust in the barrel and NOT in your shop vacuum. The cyclone filters 99% of sanding dust; only 1% goes into the vacuum. Extremely efficient, cyclonic...

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