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Block Planes

Historically the term Block Plane has a few different origins. It is said a Block Plane was first created as a plane that could be easily held in one hand while planing across the grain, particularly on end grain of boards, know in the past by carpenters as 'Blocking in'. Our range of Clifton and Veritas Block Planes are beautifully engineered tools with an option of O1 or PMV-11 blades.

  • Veritas Low Angle Block Plane with PMV-11 25 Degree Blade



    The Veritas Low Angle Block Plane stands apart from all others; its 12 degree bed angle and low cutting angle of 37 degrees excel at working end grain. It has higher side-wings ideal for shooting, finger grips in each side for better control, and a...

  • Clifton Low Angle Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth



    Clifton Low Angle Block Plane with Adjustable Mouth helps reduce "tear out" when working difficult timbers.  Clifton Block Planes are crafted from the finest materials and hand finished in Sheffield - the body is made from accurately vacuum formed...

  • Veritas DX60 Block Plane with PMV-11 25 degree Blade



    The body and lever cap of the Veritas DX60 block plane is ductile cast iron. This material is durable and stable, having been fully stressed relieved. All of the turned knobs and adjusters are made from stainless steel. The body is very accurately...

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