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Japanese Saws

Unlike most European saws that cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws are the best known for cutting on the pull stroke.  Generally known for being used in Japanese woodworking but they are also used a lot in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Our stock from Tajima features a Japanese pull stroke blade with a European style pistol grip handle.

  • Niwaki Ryoba Saw



    The Niwaki Ryoba Saw is a double-sided general purpose saw, giving you two saws for the price of one. With finer teeth on one side for cross-cutting, and larger teeth on the other for ripping. Like all Japanese saws, the cutting is all done on the pull...

  • Niwaki Flush Cut Saw



    Traditionally used in Japanese joinery for the trimming of plugs or bamboo nails flush with a surface, the Niwaki Flush Cutting Saw flush can be used where you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. Depending on...

  • Tajima Japanese Pull Saw with Pistol Grip - 16 tpi



    The Tajima Japanese Pull Saw with Pistol Grip is equipped as standard with the GNB-265 Fine Cut blade. This blade is 0.6 mm thick with a medium-fine crosscut tooth set at a pitch of 1.75 mm. The blade of the saw is housed in a precision-machined...

  • Tajima Japanese Pull Saw Blade - 21 tpi



    The Tajima Japanese pull saw blade measures 250mm in length with an extra-fine 21 tpi cut. The flexible blade design allows for a flush cut on the horizontal and the Japanese style blades are designed to cut faster than normal blades. The triple-edge...

  • Niwaki Dozuki Saw



    The Niwaki Dozuki Saw is a stiff backed, crosscut saw which gives an excellent finish both with or across the grain. With a blade thickness of only 0.3mm and tooth pitch of approximatley 1.0mm, it cuts smoothly and with great ease. The ultra-thin blade...

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