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  • Joseph Marples Mortice Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    A fine Joseph Marples mortice gauge made exclusively for us with 4mm spacing between the pins (usually 6mm) This mortice and marking gauge is made from the finest solid wood, and comes complete with brass inlay strips, brass knurled thumbscrew, and...

  • Veritas Shaft Clamp for Dual Marking Gauge



    Veritas Shaft Clamp for Dual Marking Gauge is used to lock the relative position of the two rods on the Veritas Dual Marking Gauge, when a project requires a constant mortice size, but different offsets. The shaft clamp lets you lock the relative...

  • INCRA Gauge



    INCRA's Gauge can be used in place of a ruler or adjustable square to quickly and accurately mark out reference lines on any workpiece. Works as a precision marking gauge, a freestanding depth-of-cut gauge, a fence alignment gauge and a centre finder...

  • JessEm Wood Sabre Marking Gauge Metric



    The new Wood Sabre Marking Gauge Metric from The JessEm Tool Company is machined out of high-quality stainless steel, 6061 aluminium and anodised for durability. The wood sabre design allows the user to dial in their scribe line from 0 up to 150mm. The...

  • Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge - Replacement Wheel



    Replacement wheel for Veritas gauges. A hardened steel wheel cutter which scribes perfectly at any point of its circumference and also avoids pin chatter.

  • Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge (Fine Tune)



    The Veritas micro-adjustable wheel-marking gauge draws on over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and highly functional tools.  The stainless steel rod features a built-in adjustment mechanism. After setting the...

  • Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge (Metric)



    The Veritas standard marking gauge is a great workhorse and excellent value. Due to the number of requests for a micro-adjust feature, Veritas now offer a second model with a slightly longer body fitted with a two-stage collet to allow fine adjustment...

  • AUKTools Wheel Marking Gauge

    AUK Tools


    Mark perfect joints every time. The extra-sharp replaceable cutter is hardened and marks a keen accurate line, preventing grain tear out during material scribing. One-hand easy-set design requires no additional tools. Features 175mm (7") long shaft...

  • Veritas Dual Marking Gauge



    Veritas Dual Marking Gauge features two independently adjustable rods, which mean this gauge can scribe both sides of a mortice at once. The length of each ground stainless-steel rod is very precise. By registering the tails against either side of a...

  • Cutting Gauge Blade - Blade Only

    Wood Workers Workshop


    Made by an English blade maker using the finest O1 steel and comes ready-ground, honed and stropped in a fingernail profile, perfect for cross grain marking and veneer cutting. This Cutting Gauge Blade was designed by Peter Sefton, owner of Wood Workers...

  • WoodRiver Wheel Marking Gauge - Replacement Wheel



    Replacement Wheel for the WoodRiver Marking gauge. Please note: Marking gauge not included - Image for illustrative purposes only.

  • WoodRiver Wheel Marking Gauge



    WoodRiver wheel marking gauge has a precision ground brass fence, graded stainless steel shaft and a finely honed blade. The 7" long replaceable blade has a finely turned knurled knob. Made in the same factory as our WoodRiver hand planes. You will...

  • Joseph Marples Marking Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    These marking gauges are being made exclusively for us by Joseph Marples of Sheffield. They are being made with a Shortened stem only 8mm above the marking pin, this enables them to be used inside boxes and tight areas where the standard 25mm would not...

  • Joseph Marples Cutting Gauge

    Joseph Marples


    The Marples family started making marking tools in the 1840's; This cutting gauge is based on a design from the 1920's. The cutting gauge is one of the furniture maker's most fundamental tools for cutting shoulder lines in dovetails and cross-grain work...

  • Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge Standard - Non Graduated



    The Veritas Wheel Marking Gauge has a hardened steel wheel cutter which scribes perfectly at any point of its circumference and also avoids pin chatter. There are two main problems with a typical marking gauge: you have to tilt it just right to avoid...

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