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Hand Tools

We have carefully selected the best woodworking hand tools for woodworkers and craftsmen - our hand-picked range of chisels, planes, saws, rules, squares, measuring equipment and accessories are all excellent value, offering the perfect balance between accuracy and durability, meaning our hand tools are a sheer pleasure to use for generations to come.

Scrapers, Files and Rasps16

Whether you need a cabinet scraper to get the perfect smooth finish on your project or you need a diamond file to hone the edge of your router cutter, our range of scrapers, files and rasps are some of the best from companies such as Clifton, Titman Edge and Eze-Lap.

Scrapers, Files and Rasps

The chisel is the ultimate extension of the hand, used for the finest of paring and dovetail fitting or the mother of all the chiselling jobs; chopping mortices. We are proud to stock Peter’s favourite Ashley Iles fine bevel edged chisels, handmade in England with O1 steel. The excellent Narex range from the Czech Republic (available in bevel-edged and mortice chisels) and the WoodRiver butt chisel set also offer excellent value for money.

Drills and Jigs42

Clean and accurate holes can be perfectly drilled using our Famag lip and spur drill bits or our range of Milescraft and Woodpeckers drilling jigs and drill press tables for accurate location. The Jessem dowel jigs and INCRA HingeCrafter offer incredible consistent accuracy with their legendary quality. 

If you’re looking for repeatability, accuracy or fixtures including oval nuts and knobs you’re in the right place. Jigs and templates come in many forms from Micro Jig's taper Jigs and AUKTools' router templates. INCRA’s I-Box sets the standard for quality equalled by that of Woodpeckers with their shelf pin templates and cross dowel drilling jigs.

Drills and Jigs

There is nothing more satisfying for a woodworker than the sound and finish that a really good quality plane can produce. The range of bench planes we sell include Clifton - the pinnacle of British engineering with some of the finest O1 steel blades on the market; Canadian brand Veritas who excel at the specialist and low angle bevel-up planes with their PMV11 steel, and WoodRiver - probably the best value-for-money planes on the market today which offer exceptional performance at an affordable price for woodworkers and furniture makers. We stock a full range from block planes to smoothing planes and jack planes through to fore and jointer as well shoulder and routing planes.

Marking and Measuring182

Joseph Marples have been making marking tools since 1840 and are now working with Peter crafting some redesigned cutting, marking and mortice gauges made to Peter’s exacting standards. 

Our Fisher engineers squares offer some of the best value for money and quality that are available along with a great mixture of the best of Woodpeckers and INCRA 45° bevels and squares. Veritas and JessEm also feature with their range of excellent marking out tools for those who don’t want to follow convention including both standard and dual-marking gauges.

'Measure twice and cut once' has always been the saying, but only if what you are using to measure with, is accurate.  We have a wide range of metric Woodpecker rules and rule stops, INCRA T-rules and centre rules alongside Fisher rules from 150mm to 1000mm (or 6" and upwards in old money for those working in imperial) as well as digital callipers and angle cubes from the excellent iGaging range, or the ultimate woodworking straight edges from Woodpeckers and Veritas.

Marking and Measuring

Peter Sefton’s tool shop started when Peter’s students reviewed ten of the best saws from around the world. The clear winners were Sheffield’s Thomas Flinn Pax 1776 saws which are still hand filed and made to order the traditional way, along with the exceptional value über-styled Veritas for those who prefer a lighter saw to use. We have the experience to guide you through your choice of dovetail or tenon saws in either rip or crosscut tooth patterns.

  • Woodpeckers Saw Gauge 2.0



    After-market table saw accessories have always faced the same dilemma, mitre gauge slots vary by both design and manufacturing tolerance. Woodpeckers founder, Rich Hummel, solved the problem while working on the original Woodpeckers Saw Gauge. By...

  • Woodpeckers Woodworking T-Square 600mm - Model TS-600



    Woodpeckers Woodworking T-Square will help you draw straight, accurate parallel and square lines in no time, instantly move your pencil from 1mm to 600mm and be dead-on with no need of a tape measure. Each Woodpeckers T-Square...

  • Woodpeckers Mini Square



    At 1 ⅛ x 2" (Inside Dimension) this mini square is absolutely perfect for checking the edge of your cutting tools for square. Light weight, easy to grip and machined from aluminum so it can't chip your tools.   You can use any square for...

  • Woodpeckers Carpenters Square 6"



    The Woodpeckers 6" Carpenters Square is a perfectly machined combination 90-degree and 45-degree with handles for a physical reference to the edge of the workpiece. The blade is machined from cast and ground aluminium tool plate. This expensive...

  • Woodpeckers Straight Edge 24" - SERX



    Woodpeckers straight edge gets your jointer or table saw straight overcoming the challenge of getting multiple horizontal surfaces on the same plane. Woodpeckers new 24" Straight Edge Rule will simplify this task along with numerous others in...

  • Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Offset Tabs



    Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Offset Tabs allow you to mark and measure on flat material. These new tabs allow marking anywhere between edges because they step down the track thickness to rest flush on the material, you can make precise,...

  • Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Tabs (4 Pack)



    Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Tabs are clear double tabs that can be fitted to a Story Stick Pro and extend from both edges of the track. Double tabs extend out from both edges of the track thus creating a mirror image of your setup. Now you can set...

  • Woodpeckers Precision Triangle Set



    Woodpeckers Precision Triangle Set simultaneously serves as a square and a 45, all in one. A pocket-sized triangle is perfect for squaring from the inside of boxes and drawers during assembly. For decades, craftsmen have used squares to layout...

  • Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Caliper Arms



    Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro Caliper Arms allow you to quickly create a physical "stick" to use as a cut-to reference on your Story Stick Pro. The Caliper Arms are offset to the inside from one direction and the outside from the other. The inside offset...

  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Edge Rule 600mm



    When doing layout work on the narrow edge of stock, most typical woodworking rules are a little awkward. They usually need to be aligned to the face of your stock, but they're wider than the edge you're trying to measure, so you can't get to the stock to...

  • Woodpeckers Hook Stop for Woodpecker Woodworking Rule



    Woodpeckers Hook Stop is a simple hook that attaches to Woodpeckers Woodworking Rules - imagine being 2 or 3 feet away from the zero end of the ruler, rather than stretching to try and keep the zero end flush with the board's edge, you can...

  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule 300mm



    Woodpeckers woodworking rules are a superior heavy-duty rule with accurate laser engraved markings on a 30 degree bevel; it also has a standard and a centre scale, plus it sits flat. What makes Woodpeckers WoodWorking Rules our Best...

  • Woodpeckers Paolini Pocket Rule 200mm - Aluminium



    Greg Paolini of North Carolina is a professional woodworker who builds one-of-a-kind commissioned furniture and exquisite custom kitchens. In his spare time, he tries to figure out how to make woodworking faster, easier and more enjoyable...

  • Woodpeckers Woodworking Edge Rule 150mm



    When doing layout work on the narrow edge of stock, most typical woodworking rules are a little awkward. They usually need to be aligned to the face of your stock, but they're wider than the edge you're trying to measure, so you can't get to the stock to...

  • Woodpeckers 2" Rule Stop



    Woodpeckers 2" Rule Stop has precision machined edges align easily with engraved scale graduations and ensure accurate, repetitive marks are at your finger tips; a tried and true marking method for woodworkers. The Woodpeckers 2" Rule Stop...

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