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Woodpeckers Woodworking T-Square 600mm - Model TS-600

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Woodpeckers Woodworking T-Square will help you draw straight, accurate parallel and square lines in no time, instantly move your pencil from 1mm to 600mm and be dead-on with no need of a tape measure.

Each Woodpeckers T-Square consists of a laser engraved aluminium blade and precision machined beam, secured together with 6 stainless steel screws. A slight offset between the holes in the blade and the threads in the beam put the two under constant tension. This design delivers an angular precision of ±0.02 degrees. It delivers top-notch performance yet allows the blade to be replaced should it be damaged.

Two support lips machined into the beam prevent tipping and rolling. The blade has precisely spaced 1mm holes. Place a pencil in the hole, slide it along your workpiece and lay out perfectly spaced lines that accurately follow the stock edge.

The edges of the blade are bevelled to 30 degrees, putting the scale markings right down next to your stock, greatly reducing parallax. The metric scales are laser engraved to a tolerance of 0.1mm (0.004") total accumulated error. The white engraving on the famous ‘Woodpeckers Red’ anodised finish delivers a very readable contrast, even for older eyes or poor lighting conditions. Additional 1/4" holes are machined on 1" centres for marking shelf pin locations. Each T-Square is delivered with a black metal wall-mountable Rack-It™ to keep your Precision T-square safe and always in plain sight.  

Please Note: In 2021 Woodpeckers replaced the MDF case with the new and improved black metal wall-mountable Rack-It™. Reviews prior to November 2021 may refer to the old MDF case.

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