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  • JessEm Mite-R-Slide II Mitre Gauge



    JessEm Mite-R-Slide II is a unique new mitre gauge accessory for the router table, designed to be mounted on a Mast-R-Fence II, TA Fence or Rout-R-Fence, and slide smoothly across the table on four wheels, moulded to fit snuggly into the track of the...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge 3000SE (Metric)



    INCRA's AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers 364 lock solid angle stops in 5 degrees, 1 degrees and 0.5 degree increments over a full 180 degrees range with continuous adjustability between all 0.5 degree settings. Combine this with the included GlideLOCK...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge V27



    INCRA Miter Gauge V27 is engineered to provide a high performance, yet low cost upgrade for any tool in need of a better miter gauge such as a Table Saw, Band Saw, Router Table, Disk Sander or Belt Sander. Like all INCRA Miter Gauges, the V27 delivers...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge 5000 (Metric)



    INCRA Miter Gauge 5000 blends the incremental angle control features of the Miter 3000SE with a very special 3-Panel Sled for the ultimate miter cutting workstation for the table saw. A Renewable Right Panel provides zero-clearance tear-out control and...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge V120



    INCRA Miter Gauge V120 features an incredible 120 angle stops which are laser cut into the steel protractor, with a stop available for every whole degree and two special stops at 22.5 degrees for cutting eight-sided frames and mouldings. Don't let the...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge 1000HD (Metric)



    The protractor plate's exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System has a whopping 180 can't-miss angle stops in 1-degree increments with special stops located at 22.5 degrees. The HD stands for High Definition and is the most refined model yet in the Miter...

  • INCRA Miter Gauge 1000SE (Metric)



    INCRA's AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers 41 lock solid angle stops in 5-degree increments over a full 180-degree range. Combine this with the included GlideLOCK Miter Bar, Telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence and the INCRA Flip Shop Stop, and...

  • JessEm Mite-R-Excel II Mitre Gauge - Dual Scale



    The JessEm Tool Company continue to innovate and produce the highest quality tools with the return of their popular Mitre Gauge. The Mite-R-Excel II™ features nine mitre detents with a spring-loaded indexing pin that will ensure accurate cuts...

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