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Sili Roller and Glue Tray

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The Sili Roller and Glue Tray are made to work perfectly together. Both the Sili Roller and Sili Tray are made from silicone rubber so that standard wood glue does not stick to it when dry and allows for easy cleanup. The glue can be easily cleaned off with water or let it set, dry and then pill it right off. It is that simple.

The Sili Glue Roller is made with angled glue ribs which allow the glue to be worked into the roller and help retain the glue on the roller. The recessed ribs keep the glue from dripping too quickly and gives you ample time to apply the glue to your project. The ribs also allow just enough glue "flow-through" to keep things rolling with minimal resistance. This also helps to keep the roller from gliding or skating across the wood when applying the glue.

The Sili Roller and Tray are made for silicone which means it is heat resistant, solvent resistant and it is super easy to clean. Simply run the roller under warm water and work the glue off until it's clean.

The system works with wood glues, polyurethane glues, white school glues and more! The tray can hold up to 2 fluid ounces of adhesive or of your chosen material. The Sili Glue Tray has a convenient hang tab on the top of the tray. There is also a "U" shaped cut out at the top to make sure the Sili Glue Roller can rest on the tray when not in use. Perfect for keeping the roller from slipping out of the tray.

The roller measures 20mm (13/16") in diameter and the roller with the handle measures 130mm (5 1/4") in overall length.

The Sili Glue Roller Tray measures 150mm (6") long, 75mm (3") wide (at its widest point) and approximately 17.5mm (11/16") deep at its deepest point.

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