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Sili Glue Kit

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The Sili Non-Stick Silicone Glue Application Kit includes 2 different size Silicone brushes, the Silicone Glue Tray and the Silicone Glue Comb.

Made from silicone rubber these Non-Stick Silicone Glue Application Kit and are perfect for glue projects since they are so easy to clean with warm water when glue is still wet.

You can also let the wood or white glue dry and peel the glue right off the Silicone brush, comb or Silicone Tray .

The two Sili Glue Brushes have two different size brush heads. One head is 12.7mm (1/2") and the other is 25.4mm (1") wide.

The comb side is approx. 90mm (3-1/2") inches wide making it perfect for larger surfaces areas like when you need to laminate two pieces of wood together. The squeegee side is about 50mm (2") wide and it leaves a smooth flat glue surface.

The flexible funnel-shaped end guides the glue directly to the Silicone Tray spout and back into the bottle.

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