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Tesa Yellow Cold Press Veneer Tape 19mm

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Tesa Yellow cold press veneer tape is perfect for holding veneer pieces together before or whilst cold pressing. This specialist tape is made from translucent Japanese rice paper balanced with an acrylic adhesive, it doesn't leave gum marks in the veneer and the tape is easily removed before or after pressing.

The 19mm x 50metres is very thin at 90µm (0.09mm) but robust, it can be stretched to pull joints together and either cut or hand torn to length, the translucent nature of this tape is really useful when joints may need to be checked prior to pressing.

This product is suitable for the manual taping of split ends, repairs and temporary holding of veneer sheets prior to pressing. Avoids watermarks in exotic veneers and the necessity to sand and remove the paper tape. We have found this to be the best value veneer tape for cold pressing situations where strength and clean removal is essential.

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