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Micro Jig GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock (Single)

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Protect hands and prevent kickback like never before and cut with surgical precision with the safest, most precise pushblock. For use on all table saws, bandsaws, router tables, and jointers.

GRR-RIPPER Advanced comes with 3 legs featuring patented Green GRR-RIP® non-slip material, built-in balance support, adjustable handle Includes stabilising plate and adjustable spacer.

The GRR-RIPPER Advanced gives you the three essential forces of control you need when working on a table saw:

  • Downward pressure - Keeps the material firmly on the tabletop and virtually eliminates kickback
  • Inward pressure - Keeps the material gliding against the fence preventing wood drifting, burning, and binding
  • Forward pressure - Controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts 

        Unbelievable gripping power
        Patented non-slip Green GRR-RIP gives superior gripping power - treaded grooves increase traction, even with sawdust.

        Safe and Precise
        The GRR-RIPPER acts as a Moving-Blade-Guard™ for total hand protection.
 The Adjustable Centre Leg grips the off cut piece and prevents wood burn. The 1/4″ Leg controls the keeper piece. Balance Support stabilises small and narrow workpieces. Fully adjustable to allow for a limitless amount of uses.

        Stabilising Plate and Adjustable Spacer
        The GRR-RIPPER Advanced comes with the stabilising plate and the adjustable spacer.

        The stabilising plate provides 250% more stabilising surface area. Like a featherboard, it keeps wood locked against the fence for a smooth cut – virtually eliminating binding.

        The adjustable Spacer gives you 54% more gripping area for controlling larger material. Fully adjustable. Use it as a router table guide for bullnose routing and eliminating snipe from your full-profile cuts.

        Important Notice: Use Micro Jig products to improve your safety when machining, they should complement your machine guards not replace them; for a safe and happy life of woodworking. All relevant health and safety practices should be used which are applicable to your country of residence.

        Important Hardware Updates

        PLEASE NOTE there has been an update to the parts and hardware list please refer to the separate insert provided. There has also been a slight change to Assembly Step 2 (page 9) please reference the insert for updated step 2.


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