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PantoRouter Ultimate Package

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The PantoRouter Ultimate Package is the ultimate package with MAFELL spindle motor and all accessories.

The PantoRouter is a precision copy milling machine able to cut a wide variety of wooden joints. Designed with the mechanical linkage of a pantograph in mind, the PantoRouter works in all three axis! Other than the work positioning of your piece on the X and Y axis you can set the exact plunge depth of the router cutter on the Z-axis making the PantoRouter one of the most versatile jointing machines on the market.

The PantoRouter uses templates that allow you to accurately trace the tenons, dovetails, distances, drilling patterns or freehand contours. With the original templates, you can rout both Mortise and Tenons using the same template, increasing or decreasing the accuracy with minor adjustments to the settings. Copying pins with ball bearings in various diameters make it possible to adjust the size of a routing pattern again without changing the template. 

The PantoRouter table top can be tilted to enable cutting of a variety of joints including angles tenons, grooves or dowel holes into a mitred surface.


  • Height-adjustable template mount
  • Fine-tuning of templates tightens the accuracy of Mortise and Tenon joints
  • Precisely aligned milling motor
  • Warp resistant aluminium tilting machine table 
  • Depth stop with scale
  • Light-weight construction
  • Horizontal workpiece attachment to accommodate longer lengths of timber
  • Construct your own templates to make almost endless custom joints.


  • PantoRouter
  • MAFELL FM 1000 spindle motor with 8mm, 6mm and 1/4" collets
  • V3 template holder with setting gauge for material thickness
  • Fence Stops
  • 7 Piece Mortise and Tenon Template Pack
  • Variable Spaced Dovetail Template
  • Bow Tie Template
  • Diamond Template
  • Dowel Template Set
  • Segmented Mortise and Tenon Template Pack
  • Slot Mortise Template Pack
  • Copying Pins Ø10mm, Ø15mm and Ø19mm
  • Centring Jig
  • Centre Scale Fence
  • Auxilliary Fence
  • Box Joint Template
  • Dust Collection Hood
  • Solid Tungsten Carbide Spiral Cutters 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm
  • Dovetail Cutter 8°
  • 2 Hold Down Clamps (Colour may vary)

Mafell FM 1000 Spindle Milling Motor

The MAFELL milling motors were developed and are made in Germany. Their high-quality standard and clever details make them the best possible workmate in their performance class. Each motor is 'broken in' under lab conditions at Mafell before shipping in order to maximise its service life.

As one of the quietest motors in its class and with less than 0.01mm run out at the core of the motor, it makes it the perfect partner to the PantoRouter. 

  • Watts 1000w
  • Torque in NM 0.30Nm
  • Volts 230v
  • Weight 1.65g
  • RPM 4,000 - 25,000
  • Measurements 250 x 75 x 72

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