Clearview Design 1/4"or 3/8" Plunge Sub-Base

by Clearview Design

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Designed specifically for woodworkers wanting to perform inlay work with a template system, delivering more precise depth cuts and retaining the accuracy that templates provide.

Fits on most plunge routers, the Clearview base has a stepped rebate hole in the centre cut specifically for a threaded guide bush such as the AUKTools Metric Threaded Guide Bush Set. Of course, you don't need to use a template system or bushing guide, the aperture works just as well for freehand use. To check compatibility with your router, please see our Selection Guide.

The router base has two elements to increase user control whilst routing. The de mountable handles are excellent for stock removal of large areas or the ergonomically designed thumb/forefinger control indents for real fingertip control of fine detail and edge work. The tool-path sight-lines and cutting bit can be seen easily through the clear material, and light levels are hugely increased when the optional lights kits are fitted.

To use, remove your existing manufacturers plunge baseplate. Drop the bushing guide into our base plate, and loosely screw on the brass collar. Insert the centring pin into your trimmer/router. slide the centring pin through the centre of the guide bushing, then screw the base plate into your plunge base. Now tighten the bushing guide down on to the collar (not too tight - remember you'll want to remove it at some stage). Insert your cutting bit as normal, fix your template onto your workpiece, set your cutting depth, and begin the cutting process as normal.

Once the cutting depth has been set, this allows the user to spread the 3 remaining fingers of both hands onto the workpiece itself, giving a huge improvement in stability and fingertip control of the cutting bit. This leads to much greater consistency and accuracy, and improved results.

The tool-path sight-lines and cutting bit can be seen easily through the clear material, and light levels are hugely increased.


  • Fits many 1/4" and 3/8" router/trimmer plunge bases
  • Clear sight lines, allowing easy viewing of cutting bit and tool-path
  • Hand hold grip removable handles and finger/thumb control indents for added stability
  • Extra width and depth to reduce motor ‘wobble’ and vibration
  • Compatible with freehand AUKTools Metric Threaded Guide Bush Set
  • Compatible with router's own dust extraction systems
  • Only requires a pozidriv screwdriver to fit

Please note: this product option is for the clear baseplate and handles only, No cutting bits, bushing guides, branded manufacturer parts/machines are included- they're used purely for demonstration/photography purposes only.

For guidance on how to create inlays, watch the excellent New Brit Workshop video.

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