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Due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal, click here for the latest update.
Due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal, click here for the latest update.

INCRA Mast-R-Lift II (Metric) with AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router Remote Speed Control and NVR


This substantial lift features a very high level of accuracy, and with the optional digital readout, immense precision can be achieved - to 50th of a millimetre. The benefit of this Lift is that you get the sublime engineering of JessEm coupled with the addition of INCRA’s MagnaLOCK Insert Rings and Clean Sweep technology.

Our AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router is designed to fit straight into this American-style router lift, utilising the four robust clamping blocks.

INCRA Mast-R-Lift II allows fast, incredibly precise height adjustments conveniently made from above the table, and it also provides you with the ability to change router cutters from above.

This exclusive system has a total of 5 sealed ball bearings on the lift screw and CAM lock, and as with all the JessEm lifts, they are the smoothest, lowest-friction router lifts available – we’ve actually cranked up the heaviest routers with just one finger!  The quarter-turn CAM lock is operated from above the table, using the lift crank to eliminate height drift.


    • Exclusive INCRA MagnaLOCK™ reducing ring system for instant ring changes and the perfect ring fit
    • Includes 5 steel reducing rings - 3/8", 1", 1-5/8", 2-5/8", 3-5/8"
    • Change router cutters from above the table
    • Quickly make precise height adjustments from above to an accuracy of a 50th of a millimetre
    • Exclusive ball bearing mechanism for smooth action and low friction
    • Ultra-responsive, direct-drive 16TPI lift screw mechanism
    • Patented thread tensioning system eliminates vertical lash in the lift mechanism
    • Blanchard-ground cast aluminium top plate is hard anodised for durability
    • Corner-mounted CAM screw ensures a snug fit in the router table
    • 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 3/8” plate size is compatible with all INCRA Router Tables as well as JessEm

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    Bought this router and lift to go with the incra table. I drove up to the shop and ordered the items on line where they brought it out within 5 minutes perfect quality and service

    Great service great product

    Cannot fault either the service from Woodworker Workshop or the Incra router lift; the lift was despatched rapidly and was well packaged. The lift itself is beautifully put together, a dream to use and the AUK router a great companion/match. Really cannot fault anything, Definite 5-Stars!


    My first router with lift, couldn't have asked for anything better.
    Very impressed with its performance!


    Great motor much quieter than my previous one. The only negatives are that there is no attachment method to fit this to your router system without having to open the Remote Speed Controller NVR to affix it in place and there is no induction of sped on the variable switch on the NVR.

    That'll do nicely

    Excellent product. I got this to replace the Incra 7518 plate I had with my Triton TRA router. Unfortunately the rack and pinion height adjustment wore out and the router kept dropping - so, time for a replacement. The 7518 doesn't have the top-plate height adjustment hole unless you drill it yourself and I didn't trust myself to drill it in the right place - so I promised myself when the day came I needed to replace the Triton I would go the whole hog and get a router lift as well.

    The AUK fit nicely in the lift, and the plate fit equally nicely in the Incra router table top recess - as it should since it's an Incra plate.

    I have the Incra wonder fence system and having attached my vacuum to the end of the wonder fence and my dust extractor to the clean sweep box under the table I turned on the router and ran my first cuts. First thing to note was that the AUK router was significantly quieter than the Triton had been - a pleasant surprise! Second thing to note (and this is why I gave the review a four star and not a five) after turning on the vacuum, dust extractor and cutting a few strips of timber I lifted the router plate from the table and there was a huge pile of wood shavings within the clean sweep box that had not been sucked away. I cleaned it out and tried a few more strips and the same again - this was never an issue with the Triton.

    My conclusion is (and this is not a scientific judgement by any means) is that it appears the physical differences of the router lift, the AUK and the clean sweep are different from the Triton and the clean sweep, and has changed the dynamics of the dust collection system as a whole. In a nutshell when running a cut along the wood edge with the bit located within the fence, using only the vacuum works best - it pulls virtually all the chips away. If I'm running the cut away from the fence (either a trench cut or using the starter pin) then using only the 4" dust extractor via the clean sweep (with the clean sweep insert plates) works best. Using both the vacuum and the dust extractor together seem to work against each other and becomes ineffective.

    Having figured out and resolved the issue, I can honestly say that this is as great piece of kit. Regular cleaning and lubrication (PTFE dry lube or similar) of the threaded height adjuster and the lift poles is a must to keep the height adjustment function working smoothly and efficiently.

    Would I recommend? Absolutely - virtual elimination of the need to stoop below the table to make adjustments is worth it's weight in gold.