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We still aim to dispatch same day when you order before 2pm* however due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal.
We still aim to dispatch same day when you order before 2pm* however due to the current COVID-19 situation deliveries may take longer than normal.

INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence 18" to 31" (Metric)


The telescoping IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE fits every INCRA Miter Gauge and can be adapted to other brands. Rear T-slot for mounting and front T-slot for adding wooden sub fences, and it’s also equipped with INCRA’s patented incremental racks for perfect repeatability when paired with the INCRA Flip Shop Stop. This 18" to 31" Telescoping Fence is perfect for the INCRA V27 and V120 miter gauges and upgrades the Miter 1000 to the Miter 1000SE.

Made in U.S.A.

Other sizes available
INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence 27" to 49"
INCRA Telescoping Flip Fence 36" to 64"

Perfect for the INCRA V27 and V120 miter gauges and upgrades the Miter 1000 to Miter the 1000SE. The Flip Fence is designed to give you outstanding fence performance and rigidity. Manufactured by INCRA from aircraft grade aluminium extrusions, this fence profile is designed to coordinate perfectly with the INCRA Flip Shop Stop.

And of course, INCRA's patented rack system (metric) is fully integrated in the fence to give you the incremental accuracy made famous by INCRA Tools.

The INCRA Flip Fence and Flip Shop Stop are popular upgrades for all INCRA Miter Gauges, and the Flip Fence's mounting T-slot also allows integrating this stop and fence system into sleds and miter saws as described in this user video.

Optional scales available

This fence is shipped with scales that have the zero on the right, which is appropriate for a fence on the left side of a table saw blade. For scales that read the opposite direction, the original scales can simply be turned upside down in their slots, or you can order a wide selection of optional scales for special applications.


Flip Fences can be used with any INCRA Miter Gauge and the Flip Shop Stop. Flip Fences are NOT compatible with the standard Shop Stop.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Fits well with my system

INCRA fence

Great Replacement for the fence supplied with the 1000hd which I carelessly cut in half
Very good service

A really useful gadget

Together with the flipstop this fence is a real asset to a mitre saw. Setting up the scales needs a fair bit of thinking and the instructions are very poor. Once you've worked it out it allows you to set accurate and repeatable stops to within the nearest mm with sped and ease


Very good customers support

Incra - The New Gold Standard

Having finally got a table saw with a 'standard' mitre slot (and a useless mitre gauge!) I'd been eyeing the Incra range of gauges.I couldn't justify the outlay a 1000HD would command and I had the offer of a V120 (likely to cover everything I will ever need) at a very good price so bought that, thinking I'd add a fence as and when. When came much sooner than anticipated - once I got the gauge I a wooden fence wasn't going to cut it!

I looked at the fixed length version (which could make use of my existing shop stop) & the 27-49". I had decided on the latter for the few extra pounds it would cost, however, on checking it was I was going to struggle to find enough 'elbow room' to actually use it. So I compromised on this one, the 18-31" which would give me the same length as the fixed fence with the flexibility of a 13" extension should I ever need it.

Like other Incra products this feels solid. It was simple to attach and square up to table and blade. I made bit of a boob with the lexan scale (RTFM!) but nothing irretrievable. Zeroing it to my table was far more straightforward than some videos suggest. My test cut was out by 1mm but on checking I found I'd lined the stop up wrong and the cut was accurate to what I'd set. I used it for real for the first time today and I'm very pleased with how Smooth it glides, how easy it is to set up and use and how it keeps my hands well away from the blade. Not forgetting it's repeatability. I didn't know quite what size workpiece I was going to need but knew there would be two of them. Having got one to size and shape I lined up one edge against the blade and positioned a stop at the other; moments later I had the two identical pieces I needed. No cheap but for the welfare of my fingers and simplicity of use well worth it.