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Open Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 4.30pm, same day dispatch when you order before 2pm
Open Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 4.30pm, same day dispatch when you order before 2pm

Scary Sharpening Abrasive Sheets (Trial Pack)

by 3M

The Scary Sharpening abrasive sheets provide a quick cutting, long lasting and very flat sharpening method. These Aluminium Oxide microfinishing sheets are easy to lay with the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing.  

This trial pack of Scary Sharpening abrasives has one of each grade of the sheets - 80u, 40u, 20u, 15u, 9u and 3u to cover all your sharpening requirements.

Each sheet is approximately 280mm x 230mm which can be cut to maximise the use of the sheet for scary sharpening tasks.

We use these abrasive sheets for sharpening in our attached workshops at the Peter Sefton Furniture School. It has been very well received by the students and has become many students sharpening method of choice over the years.

Originally designed for use in the demanding field of metalwork microfinishing for grinding of cam shafts and offers excellent results in hand sharpening. The abrasive cutting is quicker, lasts longer and is less prone to tearing during use compared to the original lapping films used for fibre-optic polishing.

Here's a guide to help you to select the micron size, but you will find how it works best for you with experience. The higher the micron or U number, the coarser the grade.

  • 80u (180 Grit) Black - For removing original grinding marks on new blades or grinding the primary bevel; cleaning or initial lapping of plane soles to remove damage or rust.
  • 40u (360 Grit) Blue - Used for flattening new chisels and plane blades (if required) initial primary bevel forming and lapping plane soles
  • 20u (1000 Grit) Red - Great for general secondary bevel and backing off chisels and plane irons.
  • 15u (1200 Grit) Orange - Refining secondary bevels on chisels and plane irons and backing off.
  • 9u (2500 Grit) Light Blue - Produces micro bevel and backing off chisels, plane irons and knifes; should cut hair but the edge can be improved if required.
  • 3u (8000 Grit) Pink - Produces polished micro bevel and polished chisel backs, plane irons and knifes; this will give the finest cutting edges available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent honing system

I have been using this system for my chisels and planes for some time now. It works and it doesn't cost a fortune!

The Ideal System for Setting-up a New Chisel.

I recently bought a set set of new Ashley Isles chisels and I started thinking about how I was going to prepare them.
Having read about "Scary Sharp", I thought it was worth moving with the times and checking it out.
My conclusion is that there is no better or easier way to set-up a new chisel and, when I have the time, I will set about the backs of my rather sad looking, neglected 45 year old chisels!
I am not yet convinced that it will become my regular choice for sharpening - time will tell.


Last year we attended Peter's getting started course, and learned how to "scary sharpen" our chisels - I have an Irwin box of 6 - I thought they were OK when I bought them, but after learning how to true the back side, and put the correct angle on the sloping edge, what a difference... I could shave a half millimetre off the end grain of a piece of scandy redwood. I have a thick piece of float glass, I've checked and its as flat as a very flat thing, and once the abrasive paper is applied, I'll make a storage box for it and other sanding paper. Prompt delivery, a little over-packed - lots of plastic wrapping to deal with.

A cut above

First time I have used this company and wasn't disappointed. Great service. I generaly have used wet and dry with thin oil to sharpen my woodworking tools for many years.
I watched a video on scary sharpening and thought I would see what this material is like to use,so purchased the trial pack. These sheets look a really good quality, and I plan to use them soon. I will be using a backing of granite to keep everything flat.

Excellent product and service

Having watched a few videos about Scary Sharpening, I decided to buy a trial pack. Great product and great service. Ordering was simple and product arrived following day.