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Tormek MB-100 Multi Base

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The Tormek MB-100 Multi Base is made specifically for the Tormek diamond-grinding wheels.  It gives you the option of sharpening, using the side of the Tormek diamond grinding wheel to produce a completely flat bevel on chisels, plane irons etc. The MB-100 has an adjustment line for setting the correct sharpening position based on the angle required for each particular tool or jig. You can mount the MB-100 either vertically or horizontally, whichever is most convenient for the item you intend to sharpen.

The Tormek MB-100 is compatible with the following Tormek Jigs:

  • Knife Jigs SVM-45, SVM-140 & SVM-00
  • Axe Jig SVA-170
  • Scissor Jig SVX-150
  • Short Tool Jig SVS-38
  • Gouge Jig SVD-186
  • Multi Jig SVS-50
  • Square Edge Jig SE-77 
  • Tool Rest SVD-110

Please note: The MB-100 is designed solely for sharpening with Tormek diamond grinding wheels. It is not suitable for other Tormek grindstones, as they have to be dressed, which is not possible on the side.

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