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Woodpeckers Parallel Guide System with Systainer - Metric

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The Parallel Guide System starts with Woodpeckers Dual Purpose Track. The T-track connects to your saw’s guide rail with a precision-machined bracket that locks in square and secure. With two T-tracks locked to your guide rail, all you have to do is set the zero side-play flip stops to the same dimension, position the stops on the edge of your work and make your cut. Repeat as often as needed…every piece will be exactly the same.

The Parallel Guide System shines when working on large cabinet or furniture panels, but what about smaller pieces? We’ve got that under control, too. Add the Narrow Stock Guides, use the scale on the edge instead of the top, and now you can rip stock from 10-1/2" down to just a fraction of an inch. This feature is really great when you’re on a job site without a table saw and need to make some frame stock immediately, or if your shop space is so limited a table saw is out of the question.

The T-tracks come in sections. Use all of them or just the ones you need. Fully assembled, you can rip up to 52" – well beyond the centre of a sheet of plywood. But, when working normal cabinet components, you’ll only need a couple sections assembled, while the rest is tucked securely in its Systainer and out of your way. The ends are precisely cut to ensure the connected sections are perfectly straight and the scale calibrations are accurate.


  • 2 x Main Body Brackets to attach the Parallel Guide System to your saw’s guide rail
  • 4 x Flip Stops (two on each track lets you cut at two dimensions without resetting)
  • 8 x laser engraved, precision-machined, Dual Purpose Tracks with inch or metric scales
  • 6 x T-Track Connectors
  • 2 x Narrow Stock Guides

All packed carefully in a Systainer case with a custom designed foam liner.

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