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Ashley Iles MkII Bevel Edged Chisels - Set of 6 with Tool Roll

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Ashley Iles MK2 Bevel Edged Chisels Set of 6 is our most popular set of chisels; they are Peter Sefton's chisel of choice for pure quality and value for money and used within our own Furniture School's tool kits.

The standard Ashley Iles Set of 6 comes in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 19mm - however, we choose a slightly different spec as Peter feels that the 15mm is rarely used whereas the 25mm is the most commonly used chisel in the workshop.

They are made from high carbon O1 steel and are ground to have very fine lands (edges) on the sides; they're great for general bench work and dovetailing.  The fine hand-ground blades are beautifully made in England with very comfortable turned Bubinga handles set onto the tangs with brass ferrules.  

The handles are individually sized getting bigger with the larger blades to give great balance and pose. The backs are ground with a slight concave surface to make initial blade polishing a very quick process and are easy to maintain as quality cabinetmaker's chisels.

Great for both paring and general mallet bench work they come with a life-time warranty from us backed by the Ashley Iles family-run business.  

The accurately heat treated oil quenched blades are produced and tested to RC60-61 from tip to shoulder to ensure a life long quality hard working steel that holds the keenest of edges whilst being quick to sharpen and maintain.

Add some wadding or cotton wool balls damped with MetalGuard Ultra to the bottom of the tool roll pockets to keep them open and stop the sharp edges cutting through or rusting.

These truly beautiful hand made chisels are the choice of professional furniture makers and keen woodworkers looking for excellent value for money and quality.

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