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AUKTools Silicone Chisel Guards

Jonathan Salisbury looks at another batch of accessories and jigs from Wood Workers Workshop, the first of which includes this set of handy silicone chisel guards from AUKTools. 

I really like these: chisels do occasionally fall off the bench, or get knocked by other tools, and it’s always a good idea to cover edges if they’re being transported with other tools. The only downside I can think of is that they can’t be bought individually, and I need more of sizes 1 to 3 than 4 or 5. Also, the £12.95 price tag seems high, although if you think of it as just under £1.30 per guard, this doesn’t seem so bad! The only alternatives available on sale are just like the originals – and not much cheaper – or a lot smaller and unlikely to be as secure; I know which ones I’d prefer to have.

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