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AUKTools Solid Brass Router Inlay Kit

As Jonathan Salisbury finds, this excellently made router inlay kit from the AUKTools brand presents an almost fail-proof method for creating a neat, high quality result.

As I’ve come to expect from the AUKToo ls brand, this bush is very well made; the finish neat and tidy, and there are no sharp edges. The collar has a tiny rubber ring placed inside to provide grip, and I’m sure it could be replaced when it fails to work. The router base need s to have a 30mm (1-3⁄16in) diameter aperture in which to fit the guide bush; if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to buy a sub-base or adaptor. If you have the right size Forstner bits – 30mm for the hole and a 35mm counterbore to inset the rim, which prevents it touching the surface – it would be easy enough to make from thin ply.

This is an almost fail-proof method of creating a neat, high quality result. With complex shapes, it’s essential to practice first; the ply router base didn’t help, but even if it were transparent, it would still be impossible to see the cutter owing to the brass bush. Simple outlines don’t pose a problem, although they still require care, and whether you’re cutting decorative or functional inlays, the possibilities are increased with the use of this kit. It’s a great time saver too, as long as you don’t produce anything too complicated.

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AUKTools Solid Brass Router Inlay Kit

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