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How to cut dovetails by hand

Peter Sefton demonstrates how to cut through dovetails by hand using a range of techniques for marking out, sawing, chiselling and checking before final assembly. This step by step guide shows a range of tools and techniques Peter uses within his own furniture making school on his courses for beginners. Dovetails can seem intimidating but Peter explains that with the use of sharp tools, careful marking out and following a methodical approach any woodworker can master this beautiful strong joint.


AUKTools Wheel Marking Gauge

Fisher Precision Engineers Square - 150mm (6")

Fisher Satin Chrome Rule - 150mm (6")

iGaging Stainless Steel Sliding Bevel 6"

iGaging Precision Double Square 100mm/4" Dual Scale

INCRA Tiny T-Rule 75mm (Metric)

Swann Morton No.3 Handle & 5 x No.10A Blades

Swann Morton No.4 Handle & 5 x No.26 Blades

WoodRiver Silicone Chisel Guards - 10 Piece Set

Veritas Dovetail Markers (Pair)

Veritas Fine-Tooth Dovetail Saw - 20 tpi

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