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iGaging SnapCheck Digital Gauge Review, The Woodworker Magazine

By Jonathan Salisbury

No surprises

I’ve used different electronic gauges that bridge cutters and blades, but none quite like this one. With some gauges the tip is often difficult to locate on the highest sawtooth, especially if the blade needs to be rotated with one hand while the gauge is held in the other. This handy gauge from iGaging is better in this respect, with a handle to hold it in place as well as strong magnets for hands-free operation (although this requires a steel-topped table, of course). Because the gauge can also be used to measure the depth of shallow holes, it is important to remember to place the unit on a flat surface and reset the reading before measuring heights, otherwise you’ll be out by 6.5mm.


The gauge can be located facing either way, either for left- and right-handed use (choice or necessity) – the change-over is easy wit h the dovetail slots. The unit is very well made and, although one-sided, it does not tip over even if the magnets aren’t keeping it in place. If you need to set tools with great accuracy and haven’t already got anything more than a rule, the iGaging SnapCheck Digital Gauge is certainly a good one to consider, if you don’t require more than 50mm of travel.


  • Smooth spring plunger movement
  • Flat and ball-tip anvils included
  • Super strong rare-earth magnetic base
  • Humidity and dust resistant
  • Auto shut off
  • Display: in/mm/fractions
  • Accuracy: 0.001in/0.1in
  • Range: -1⁄4in depth to 2in height (-6.5-50mm)
  • Includes flat and ball-tip anvils and two spare 3V-2032 batteries

The Verdict

Easy to use; very accurate; reasonably priced

Limited to 50mm

4 out of 5

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iGaging Snap Check Plus Digital Height and Depth Gauge

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