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Clifton Plane Iron - 2" (50mm) Cryogenic

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Clifton Bench Plane Cutting Irons fit Clifton No 4 Plane and No 5 Plane - made from Sheffield O1 Steel that is cryogenically treated.  This Clifton spare iron fits other bench planes including Stanley, Record, Lie-Nielsen, WoodRiver, Footprint and Anant and any other planes with a 2" (50mm) wide blade.

This cutting iron has a hardness of 60-62 Rockwell C, and the cryogenic treatment means that these blades will hold their edge even longer.  Clifton blades have a reputation as quick to hone whilst producing one of the finest sharp edges available ... the utopia that all blade makers strive for! Ideal for grinding at 25 degrees and honing at 30.

Blades are 3.2mm thick and so have excellent rigidity for reduced chatter and flutter. They are laser cut from hot rolled high carbon steel, then accurately ground and laser embossed with the Clifton brand name and individually checked for hardness. 

Some brands of Bailey style planes may require additional work to make this Clifton blade fit if they were originally supplied with thin blades. Please check the following before purchase to help you decide if this superior blade will be suitable:-

  • Mouth needs to be a minimum of 6mm wide (usually filed if too small)
  • Lever cap retaining screw is a minimum of 22mm long
  • Yoke needs to protrude at least 4mm above the frog to fully connect with the chip breaker

We can supply Replacement Y Levers (Yokes) and Cap Iron Screws that fit most models of plane. We also stock the legendary Clifton 2 piece Chip Breakers.

When wiped with oil after use to protect from rust and finger marks, these blades are a pleasure to use and hone and will give a lifetime of excellent service.

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