Mitre Gauges & Sleds

The majority of table saws, band saws and disc sanders come with mitre slots in their table tops and often have a cheap mitre gauge thrown in, these mitre gauge bars and fences can be poor quality and disappointing to use. INCRA and JessEm have taken miter gauge design and manufacture to a new level of accuracy and convenience. From the INCRA V27 and V120 through to the 1000 SE, HD and the ultimate 3000 SE and 5000 the quality is unmistakable. Router table’s mitre tracks happy except mitre fences but work very well with both Woodpeckers coping sled or JessEm Mite-R-Slide mitre gauge whilst table saws work well with INCRA's Mitre Express, Flip Fence and Shop Stop. Standard miter sliders are 3/4 x3/8 “made of aluminium or steel whilst Micro Jigs ZeroPlay bar are plastic with adjustability to fit your mitre slot. 

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