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INCRA Router Table Combo #3 'The Works'

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'The Works' is an extension of the INCRA Router Table Combo #3 with our most popular accessories added. Including exceptional dust collection from the INCRA CleanSweep System, INCRA's Wheel Kit, INCRA's Mast-R-Lift II, AUKTools' Fixed Base Router and more.

INCRA Router Tables are one of our best-selling range of router tables, combining the versatility of the LS Positioner with the extra workspace and storage space of the 43" wide Offset Router Table Top and matching stand.

This is a system that can handle EVERY fence-guided routing operation from the most basic shaping and edge-forming to the most advanced decorative joinery imaginable.


  • INCRA LS17 Positioner Super System with Wonder Fence 430mm (Metric)
    • LS17 Positioner
    • Wonder Fence
    • Pro-II Joinery Fence with 13” Extender Bar
    • Shop Stop
    • Jumbo Right Angle Fixture
    • Master Reference Guide and Template Library
    • Link to Instructional LS Positioner Video
    • Instruction Manual
  • INCRA 27" x 43" Offset Router Table Top
  • INCRA 43" Router Table Stand
  • INCRA Router Stand Wheel Kit
  • INCRA Mast-R-Lift II (Metric)
  • AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router with NVR and Remote Speed Control
  • INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet
  • INCRA MagnaLOCK CleanSweep Ring Insert Set - 6 Piece
  • INCRA MagnaLOCK CleanSweep Guide Bush Ring Insert
  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Control, Dual Port Kit
  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Hose - 63mm x 1.5m
  • AUKTools Dust Extraction Hose - 102mm x 1.5m

INCRA LS17 Positioner Super System with Wonder Fence
INCRA’s LS positioner system is one of the best on the market. The included joinery accessories take you from the basic jobs to literally billions of variations of box joints and dovetail joints to make your projects the most individual and stunning they can be. The Wonder Fence slides into the front T-slot of the Pro-II joinery fence, and it adds adjustability to accept any size router bit and accommodates zero-clearance subfences.

INCRA 27" x 43" Offset Router Table Top
This MDF core, phenolic-faced table top provides the perfect foundation for the high-accuracy LS fence system. Predrilled for mounting the LS17 and LS25 systems. 

INCRA 43” Router Table Stand
These innovative stands have T-slots for attaching accessories and internal channels for creating enclosed cabinet storage under your router table.

INCRA Router Stand Wheel Kit
INCRA's Router Stand Wheel Kit makes your INCRA Router Table mobile in a small workshop using swivel caster lifts and a double-action lever to level your Router Table.

INCRA Mast-R-Lift II (Metric) with AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router Remote Speed Control
INCRA Mast-R-Lift II with our AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router. This substantial lift features a very high level of accuracy to a 50th of a millimetre. The benefit of this lift is that you get the sublime engineering of JessEm coupled with the addition of our own AUKTools 2400W Fixed Base Router with Remote Speed Contol.

INCRA CleanSweep System
INCRA's CleanSweep System incorporates their dust collection box combined with the 6 piece laser-cut CleanSweep Ring Set and the individual Guide Bush ring for one of the best all round extraction solutions.

AUKTools Dust Extraction Kit
The final piece of this great Router Table setup is the AUKTools Dust Extraction Dual Port Kit and a 1.5m length of both 63mm (2.5") hose for the fence and 102mm (4") hose to go from the Dual Port Kit to your extractor.

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