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INCRA Wonder Fence Stand Alone 940mm (Metric)

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INCRA Wonder Fence Stand Alone is the most advanced heavy-duty, one-fence solution available for everyday shaping work such as raised panel doors and edge forming as well as precision joinery.

Stand Alone 37" is designed to attach to any router table up to 37" long, and the included table clamps grip the edges of any router table up to 1-3/8" thick.

The infeed and outfeed fence halves are machined flat on their faces and the opening is adjustable to handle different sized router bits, including the largest raised panel bits available.  

With the fence halves slid completely together, you'll see the familiar 1" square opening of the INCRA joinery fences while offering a continuous upper surface. As a result, the Wonder Fence is 100% compatible with the Jumbo Right Angle Fixture, INCRA ShopStop, and INCRA Stop accessories.

The Wonder Fence is also adjustable for offset between the infeed and outfeed halves. A pair of opposed, CNC-machined wedges behind each fence half provides a true, continuous micro adjust for the relationship between the fence halves, and laser engraved offset scales are marked every 2/1000" for an accurate reference. 

This precise offset ability combined with the speed of a router allows you to joint glass-smooth edges on rough timber if you don't own a jointer. If you're using a reversible glue joint router bit, the offset feature can let you bypass the table saw and jointer when prepping your lumber - the offset allows the bit to straighten rough-edged boards and profile them in one pass, all with true zero-clearance if you choose.

Dust collection is also integrated using a fitting that accepts 2.5" dust collection hose on the outside or a 2.25" shop vacuum hose on the inside.

  • Heavy-Duty Precision Machined Aluminium Split Fence, Wedges & Base Fence
  • In-feed and Outfeed Fences are Independently Adjustable in 2/1000" Steps Over 1/8" Range
  • Laser Engraved Offset Scale
  • Each Offset Mechanism Has it's Own Cursor and Scale Marked Off in 2/1000" Increments
  • Lock-Down Offset Permits Gap Adjustment
  • Adjustable Fence Gap Width to 4 1/2"
  • Hi-Rise™ Raised Panel Cap for Vertical Panel Raising
  • Built-in Dust Collection Port with attachment Elbow Fits Industry Standard Hoses
  • Attaches to the INCRA TS-III Table Saw Fence, the INCRA LS Positioner and INCRA Jig Ultra or mounts directly to a router table as a free-standing fence (clamps included)
  • All Aluminium Construction and Fully Assembled

The INCRA Wonder Fence is available as a stand-alone general purpose routing fence or as an upgrade to your existing INCRA LS Positioner and INCRA Jig Ultra.

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