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Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Rachet Clamp AP

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Most clamp arms are free to fall down when released forcing you to reset them every time you secure them, but not the Micro Jig Ratchet Clamp. The exclusive 'Anti-Pivot' AP Spring holds the arm where you set it. Now you can release the pressure, move your stock, and reclamp without needing to adjust the arm, upside down or right side up.

The ratchet mechanism is fast-acting, just adjust the arm so the pad is on the stock and pull the handle to set the hold. Every click increases the pressure. Then instantly open the clamp by pressing the release button.

The long ratchet handle provides superior leverage making them easy to use for everyone even those with hand grip issues. The positive lock of the ratchet mechanism resists loosening even under heavy vibration such as grinding or routing.


  • Exclusive AP Spring keeps the arm where you set it, even hanging upside down
  • Fast-acting ratchet clamping in three simple steps
  • Use anywhere you can mill the MatchFit Dovetail Groove or even usable in some T-Tracks
  • The Ratchet mechanism won't vibrate loose when sanding or carving
  • Large clamping face with moulded cover to protect surfaces in use
  • Clamping Pressure 269.88kg (595lbs)
  • Clamping Range 215.9mm (8.5")
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