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Musclechuck Universal Extension

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This precision-balanced extension works in any 1/2" router collet, extending the cutter height by approximately 30mm. The extension allows the installation or removal of router cutters quickly from above your router table without the need for cumbersome wrenches or locking of the spindle that many routers usually require.

The patented noose grip design gives a full 360-degree hold on the cutter shaft and loosens with a partial turn using the included 5/32, ball-end, hex key wrench. The chuck design means there is no cam to wear out or damage your cutters.

The Musclechuck Universal Extension opening is for 1/2" shank cutters as standard but can be used with collet reduction sleeves for various shank sizes.


  • Change router bits quickly from above the table
  • Extending the cutter height by 30mm
  • 25mm depth within the collet
  • Single tool changes, no need to lock your spindle
  • Run 1/8", 1/4", 6mm, 8mm and 10mm shanked cutters with reductions sleeves

Supplied with a free T-Handle Ball-Hex Key 5/32” textured handle for extra comfort, slip resistance and safety.

Please Note: Style and make of the Ball End Hex Wrench may vary as stock allows.

Important Notice: Please follow the enclosed instructions for setting up your new Musclechuck. It is important these instructions are followed, failure to follow these instructions is a misuse of the Musclechuck assembly.

Disclaimer: Power tools and their accessories, such as the 'Musclechuck™' assembly, should only be used for their intended purpose by users experienced in their operation. Careless handling or misuse may result in serious injury or death. Failure to follow the enclosed directions is a misuse of the 'Musclechuck™' assembly. The user must always ensure the cutter is secure in the chuck, especially when a reduction collet is being used BEFORE turning on the router.

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