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StopLossBags Collapsible Funnel

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The specially formulated Collapsible Funnel allows you to transfer your wood finishes from a litre can to a StopLossBag® pouch in one easy step. The large end stretches over the top of the can while the small end fits the StopLossBags® spout. Before attaching the funnel blow air into the bag to allow the finish to fully transfer.

The funnel is simple to clean. Place it upside down on a folded paper towel overnight. The dried finish peels easily from the inside. Note that, thin oil finishes may need to be cleaned with solvents.


StopLossBags® are designed for oil, water, and alcohol-based liquids. You can use them with paints, stains, varnishes, mineral spirits, darkroom chemicals, water (non-consumable), shampoo, etc.

Do NOT use StopLossBags® with liquids containing acetone, benzene, lacquer, lacquer thinner, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, isobutanol alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and ethanol alcohol. Paint thinners may contain one or more of these solvents.

We recommend cleaning bags that have previously stored fine finishes with white spirits.

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