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Woodpeckers DP-PRO Drill Press Table System 36/36

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At the heart of the Woodpeckers DP-PRO Drill Press Table System 36/36 is the all-new DP-PRO 36" Fence. Woodpeckers have made it tall enough to support work vertically as well as horizontally and features both metric and imperial scales. Two moulded knobs at the rear of the fence keep everything locked down tightly.

Woodpeckers coupled that taller fence with an integrated dust collection duct with its opening right at the centre of the fence, right where the chips and dust are created. Just attach a vacuum or dust collector to the port at the end of the fence and virtually all the chips and dust are sucked up instantly. For your convenience, the dust port can be assembled on either end of the fence to best suit your shop layout.

The DP-PRO Table Top is engineered with extension wings that slide out for extra support when you need it and tuck back in tight to the central table and out of the way when you don't. The 36" (915mm) model is 24" (610mm) wide when the wings are tucked in and 36" (915mm) with the wings extended. The top is made from full 1" thick Baltic Birch plywood with black Micro-Dot laminate on both sides. The Micro-Dot surface reduces friction and holds up better to abrasion than smooth laminates. Dual Scale graduated DP-Tracks provide mounting for both the fence and hold-down clamps.

The newly designed DP-PRO Drawer Base is the foundation of the system. After-market and shop-built drill press tables have always struggled with two issues, attaching the table to the existing drill press table and maintaining clearance for the elevation crank. The DP-PRO Drawer Base solves both problems and adds a convenient storage drawer at the same time. The bottom has slots that align with most drill press tables, whether it has T-slots or through-slots, diagonal or parallel. Woodpeckers include hardware to fit the various T-slot designs and multiple sizes of through-slots.

The drawer base elevates the auxiliary table 4" (100mm) above the main table, providing clearance for even the longest table elevation cranks and makes a perfect place for a drawer to hold your drill bits, chuck keys and clamps. 


  • 1" (25.4mm) thick Birch Plywood core with Black Micro-Dot Laminate Table Top.
  • Extendable Table Top from 24" (610mm) closed to 36" (915mm) extended.
  • Convenient storage drawer for drill bits, chuck keys and clamps.
  • DP-PRO 36" Fence with 2-1/4" (I.D.) extraction point


  • 1 x Woodpeckers DP-PRO Drawer Base,
  • 1 x Woodpeckers DP-PRO Table 36" (915mm) (24" closed & 36" with wings extended)
  • 1 x Woodpeckers DP-PRO 36" Fence
  • 2 x Woodpeckers DP-PRO Flip Stop
  • 2 x Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamps
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