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Woodpeckers Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template

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Woodpeckers Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template is the ultimate tool for setting out shelf and drawer spacing. If you are making a face frame cabinet by simply repositioning a pair of spacers you can offset the shelf pins 1-1/2", 2" or 2-1/2" from the edge of your material. If your row of holes extends further than the length of the template, just move the template up, slip a couple of indexing pins in completed holes and keep on drilling.

The same 1-1/2", 2" and 2-1/2" offsets can be achieved in installed cabinets, too. The offset spacers for finished cabinets butt up to the inside of your face frame and the back of the cabinet. Everything is mirror imaged, so right, left, top and bottom all line up perfectly, every time.

If you're working on frameless Euro-style cabinets, the 37mm offset from the front and bottom of the cabinet is built into the jig. The 5mm holes on 32mm centres work with hundreds of different shelf pin styles from around the world and are perfect for a combination of shelves and drawers when using 5mm Euro mounting screws.

Speaking of drawers, the template can be used to drill holes for ball-bearing extension slides used in frameless cabinets. You can use Euro mounting screws in 5mm holes or use the included guide bushing to drill pilot holes for standard wood screws.

Drawer slides that mount to the face frame are just as easy. Just move the edge guide pins, pop in the drill guide bushing and you’re perfectly positioned on the edge of your frame stock for the front of the drawer slide.

The Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template is machined from solid phenolic with a layer of easy-reading white bonded to the top and bottom. Each setting and spacing is clearly marked on the face of the template to keep you on the right track. The set-back spacers and index pins are made from stainless steel and only fit in their appropriate positions. The overall dimensions of the Shelf Pin and Drawer Slide Template are 584mm x 127mm x 9.5mm (23" x 5" x 3/8").

The Deluxe Shelf Pin & Drawer Slide Template includes the template, inside face frame spacers, outside face frame spacers, frameless spacers, 1/4" index pins, 5mm index pins, nylon spacer locking screws and a 7/64" drill guide bushing, 1/4" Self-Centring Drill Bit, 5mm Self-Centring Drill Bit, 1/4" and 5mm Carbide Spiral Router Bit, 3/8" Router Template Guide Bushing.

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