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JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides

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A pair of these dual-action stock guides improves the consistency and safety of your router table work, replacing up to 4 conventional feather boards and featuring a super fast set-up.


  • 5º angled wheels simultaneously pull timber toward the fence while holding it down, eliminating the need for table-mounted feather boards.
  • Hold-in + Hold-down feature improves consistency on long boards & wide panels.
  • One-way roller bearings in the wheels prevent kickback.
  • Fast height set up with a single knob
  • Attach quickly to router table fences that have a 1/4" T-slot or can be through-bolted to wooden sub fences
  • Heavy aluminium and stainless steel construction with non-marring urethane tires on each wheel

You'll no longer need a pair of feather boards mounted on the table surface because the wheels are set at a 5º angle to the fence, causing boards to be simultaneously pushed against the fence as you feed them forward. This really simplifies routing long boards, and there's no need to readjust for different board widths as with feather boards. This hold-in action also works on wide panels where feather boards can't be used.

To prevent kickback, the wheels feature one-way roller bearings that allow the wheels to turn forward when feeding lumber but not turn in the reverse direction. Each wheel has twin urethane tires that grip your work without marking or scratching.

Made in Canada

The set up is really fast - the outer knob serves as a pivot, and the inner knob sets the height of the wheels. Just drop the wheel onto the top of your board, add the desired amount of downward pressure, and tighten the knob.

The stock guides attach quickly into any router table fence that uses a 1/4" T slot, or they can be through-bolted to shop-made wooden fences. The guides accommodate timber up to 2 3/8" thick on JessEm Mast-R-Fence and 1-3/16" board thickness when mounted directly to the fence T-slot of INCRA fences. This is increased to over 6" when mounted in the INCRA highrise fence. and clearance is unlimited by attaching the stock guides to a wooden sub fence. For other brands of fences, the maximum wheel height above the table is the centerline of your fence's T-slot minus 9/16".

If you like hefty tools, you'll love the Clear Cut Stock Guides. The bodies and wheel carriers are machined from solid aluminium, and the generously sized knobs are stainless steel. The precision machined acetol resin wheels run on hardened steel hubs and roller bearings for a lifetime of use.


  • 1 x Infeed Guide and attachment bolts
  • 1 x Outfeed Guide and attachment bolts
  • 1 x 1/4 Hex Key
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